The best AV Pre Amp and Amps?

Looking to upgrade my system (aren't we all!!) Just upgraded to Snell B7 ref speakers and I'm sure my Onkoyo 875 is not getting the most out of these wonderful babies. I want to move back to separates and I want great video processing but I’m more concerned with the quality of the audio, specifically two channel. I’ve been looking at the Lexicon MC12 but I’m a little concerned over a review I read regarding the remote and non-compressed audio capability. Also looking at the Krell Evolution 700 which sounds great but is it much more then I need; because due to space I’m trying to have a great listening room within a home theater. Also looking at what I’m sure would be a step down but maybe a more practical choice Arcam and NAD. What are the pros and cons??
I recommend the ARCAM FMJ line of pre/pros and amps. The pre/pro (AV-9) does not do video processing, only switching, but I assume that your source probably has a better processor than most pre/pros anyway. New AV-9s do have HDMI switching. I use component so cannot comment on the HDMI performance. I do know that they are highly regarded for music performance. When "direct" setting is selected, analog inputs are connected to outputs and all the digital circuitry powers down to minimize noise.

I have the P7 amplifier as well and am very happy.
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