The BEST Audiophile System under $5k...

*** We challenge anyone to put together a better sounding NEW system for under $5,000. ***

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• Silverline Audio Panatella MkII floorstanding reference monitors • DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 internally bi-wired • Creek 4330SE integrated amplifier • Creek CD43 high resolution 24-bit CD player • DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 Series II interconnects • Chang Lightspeed CLS 6400 ISO power line conditioner

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This thread is about as subjective as it gets! I'd say MY system. Some of these pieces are a little older and not made anymore but is all less than 8 years old and can be had now for even less! Snell CV speakers($1900), Hafler 9270 150Wx2 amp ($800), Parasound DAC 1600 ($800), Pioneer DVL-700 CD/DVD/LD - beefy transport! ($750), Audio Alchemy DTI-PRO32($600), Audioquest Quartz interconnects,Audio Alchemy powered digital cable, and Audioquest Cobalt speaker cable ($600), Panamax MAX1000+ ($200). OK, this brings it to $5650, but you can probably pay far less for this on this site and be well under the $5K limit. I've bought a few pieces, including some of the equipment above, used for the prices listed. I am not going to go out on a limb and say this "sounds" better than any of these other systems listed but I am extremely satisfied with the equipment and the sound! In a perfect world we'd be able to listen to all of the combos above and vote! Who knows, with progression of technology we'll be able to do that in a "virtual" setting one day. Wouldn't that be cool! Enjoy the music!
I know this thread was started with NEW equipment as the guideline. Sorry 'bout that.
How 'bout this: Wright Sound WLA12A Line Preamp; Wright Sound WPP100C Phono Preamp; Electronic Tonalities AfterGlow Amp; Rega Planar 25 turntable w/ Elys cartridge; Soliloquy SM-2A3 Speakers w/stands; BetterCables 3m Premium Speaker Cables & 1m Audio Interconnects. You can upgrade by tube rolling the Wright & ET products, playing with differect cable combos, playing with differect cartridges and looking into power conditioning, if desired. Oh yes, I suppose you could drop the phono stuff :-( and get SACD or a hot shot CD player...