The best and worst "audiophile music"

Being iced in here in Dallas and feeling inspired after reading Art Dudley's "Listening" column in the new Stereopile, I've been reconsidering why I buy the recordings I do. You know the disks I'm talking about. The ones recommended in the audio rags and by dealers and other audiophiles. I've bought a bunch of them, and most are just lousy. The original music (and/or the performers) may or may not be any good, but the recordings are often quite strange. Are there any that you actually enjoy for the music? Which ones do you think are the worst, and why?
Most of these albums you're describing more oriented to the sonics and give no damn about music or musicians.
I dig onto experimental and avantgarde music that pretty often recorded on the small studios or by the musicians themselves with great quality that is very close to the audiophile grade.
It's been a long time when I've already listened almost all the albums an audio dealers offer long time ago in regular format but realy nothing pulls me back to buy them again and to listen in better recordings. I listen to that mainstream every day on the radio as well and these copies will cost a penny after I pay for them above $25 each.
Jazz88 Newark station plays that original music from records on the turntable. I'd get their collection if I were too much into the mainstream jazz.
As to the classical performances also not very often the best recording label has the best orchestra and conductor.
I found that non-audiophile Angel label has realy the best performers recorded.
Chesky label has its own musicians and they're OK but mainly it's oriented to the sonics over the musician's performance.
Our favourite Patricia Barber on few of her latest albums has very high level of an acoustic bass that doesn't sound real in comparison to the live or in comparison to her previous albums.
As a general rule, I do not listen to the so-called and much vaunted 'audiophile' recordings, especially in light of my generally esoteric and eclectic musical tastes. That aside, I do appreciate a well-recorded disc and have encountered a few lesser known labels that should make an audiophile system proud. Water Lily Acoustics recordings are rather nice and CIMP, a label focusing on modern jazz leaning towards the avant-garde fringes, prides itself on the quality of their recordings. Some of the modern electronica is also very nicely recorded...Burnt Friedman's Nonplace label jumps to mind, although there are many others within that particular genre. I've also been very surprised at how truly excellent the current CD releases of the British folk artists from the 60's-70's sound. This may be a testament to the quality of the original recordings or the dedication of the labels releasing the material. Either way, the discs I have from folks like Davy Graham, Mike Cooper, Wizz Jones, Bert Jansch, etc. are all top notch and full of excellent music to boot.
You might try going out to listen to music in your area. Music you might actually be into instead of well recorded stuff you don't like. Some local artist recordings are very minimalist and quite good. Seeing them live and meeting them in person will make you much more emotionally involved with the recording. Plus, you have a live reference in which to compare the recording to. My most treasured and reference recordings all come from local musicians. Prices are more than fair since the middle man is cut out, and I usually have them autographed with name/venue/year for keepsake. Keep music alive, and support local musicians.
All of it is the worst. I don't listen to my system. I only listen to music.
My system exists solely to make great music performances sound as good as possible. If that happens to be a low resolution 1940's recording with lots of hiss, so be it.
Most classical and so the jazz performances and performers on Chesky label sound all like a lulliby or funeral chant. Great before you go to bed or the bedroom system.
To the unfortunate situation most passionate and spiritual performers of classical music might not even know what the hell Chesky is.
One of my favourite classical conductors for instance Von Karajan is usually on Deutche Gramophon(a terrible digital recordings)