The best AMPs for Proac D Two with a Naim Source

Hello Folks!

I've just bought a nice pare of Proac D Two and decided to buy much better amp for it than my Myryad set (MXP-2000 pre and MXA-4150 power).
I listen really wide range of music...The heaviest are The Metallica and The Rammstein. But I prefer old jazz, vocal, classic rock and old hard roc.
My room is 18 square meters. I use only a digital source - Naim Dac with M2Tech EVO usb/spdif conversion set and a music HTPC.
The new amplifier should sound very good at low volumes (for listening at night) so as not to lose 3D and drive. But at the same time the AMP should sounds without audible distortions at hi levels (reasonable for D2) and reproduce realistically sound atmosphere of The Metallica...
I've read many battls at hi-fi forums by the time and chosed some contenders.
That would be nice if you assist me to choose two or three AMP which could be the best pair for my D2...

Hire is the list:
1). Solid state - Brinkmann integrated, Karan i 180 MK 1, Mimetism 15.2, Lavardin IT, LFD NCSE, Sugden A21SE, Electrocompaniet ECI-5 MK II, Leema Tucana II, ATC SIA II 150, Luxman L-505AX II, Accustic Arts AMP I MK2, AMR AM-77.
2). Tubes - ARC VSi 60, Mcintosh MC-275.