The Best Amplifier with JBL L 100T3

I was lucky to find in Germany new JBL L 100T3 speakers
couple a years ago. Now I'm looking for an Amplifier that
would be a good match. I have tried Plinius 9100 but did not
like the bass. Any suggestions.
JBL's by design have sonically tight bass because of it's studio lineage. Some say the bass is dry and some say too fat. I had good luck using several tube amplifiers. For instance VTL ST85 had tight bass for a tube amp. My Dyna ST70 dis a very good sound too. You might try a hybrid amp like a Pathos hybrid amp. There are others but this sits at the top of my list. I also like the Moscodes too. Your JBL's don't need alot of power. Also you must know your product upstream too. Sometimes they can change the character of sound.
Right now on this site there is a Hafler DH-220 amp that would drive those speakers beautifully - and the guy is only asking $130 - BUY THIS AMP!!

Thanks for reply. You are absolutely right. Bass on JBLs
is very tight but I was thinking to go with Integrated Amp.
For now I use new Rotel RA 1520. The bass is great but the
highs are not that crisp. I was thinking to go with
Luxman L505u. In the past Luxman, Pioneer, Marantz were
good match with JBLs, but now!! So far the best sound I
got is from Conrad Johnson CA200 borrowed from My friend but
it's way to expensive. My limit is $3500.00.