the best amp/pre-amp for KEF reference 203/1

im using a ROTEL rsx-1065 receiver i have now to powered my KEF speaker,mids are very focused better than my MONITOR AUDIO GR LCR!!!but high it sound toooo strong now,maybe cause is have hyper tweeter,that why im loking for right integrated amp that will low the HF
my source is MARANTZ DV7600,connect with NORDOST SILVER SHADOW digital cable and TRANSPARENT MUSIC WAVE speaker cable,please help,im newbie here
is anybody out there have this speaker?not much info I can find it here!!!
I'm narrow it for 2 brand that in my budget !!! DK design mkii or mkii ,musical fidelity A308 or A5 and so please help me choose between this amp,thanks
What did you end up getting? What were the results?

I wet to a 140wpc Pioneer Elite SC37 hoping it would be enough but ended up hooking a denon poa 220wpc amp up to them and they liked the extra power.