The best amp for dynaudio 1.3 MK2

In fact I own a thule IA 100, and to replace it I hesitate between:
- the simaudio moon I3 (which costs 2500$ in France!!!),
- the new AVI laboratory integrated amp (2300$),
- Electrocompaniet ECI 3 (2000$),
- primare A 30.1 (2200$)
- a used gamut D100 power amp (2500$).

At the moment I really hesitate between the moon and the AVI, but I am not sure the moon is still a good bargain at 2500$. And If I choose the Gamut option, it will have to buy a pre amp...
Please help me. Thank you very much for your opinions.
A friend of mine using the same speakers as you uses a YBA pre and a Clayton Audio M100. I think you might be able to get away with a Clayton M70. He also has an Aragon 4004. The Aragon does not flesh out the great qualities that the speaker posseses.
Dear Dannylw,
Thank you very much for your answer.
Best regards.