The best AES/EBU digital cable under $100???

Help guys!!

I know, I don't contribute to much to the forums yet; but I have yet another question.

I am looking for a 1m AES/EBU cable that would be a good link between my Theta Data Basic II and Theta Pro Basic IIIa...a cable that is not too bright, or analytical, something that presents a smoother presentation..considering the Pro Basic IIIa is so detailed as it it's, and the Data Basic II fleshes out everything on the disc.

I don't want to spend over $100, I mean, even $50 (preowned) would be good for me. Could you guys help me in the quest of a good, cheap, AES cable??

Thanks guys!!
Canare Digiflex Gold I would be a good choice within your price range.
Buy my Silver Dh Labs 1 Meter D-110 XLR Balanced digital.

"Exceptional resolution from these modestly priced cables. One DH Labs 110ohm balanced XLR to retrieve the last bit of info from your transport."

Seriously, its a good cable for $50 including shipping. Check out my feedback.
I've seen a couple Illuminati DX-50 XLR (precursor to the Orchid) for sale here used recently, and in your price range.
I've used at least 10 digital cables over the last few years and this one is very very good for the money--maybe lacking a little in detail compared to the more expensive ones, but not by much, and quite smooth. I still use one backing up a $600 Argent Jaden digital cable.
Also liked the Wireworld Gold Eclipse, but you may not be able to find that under $100. And there's the Cardas, too, which is also quite smooth but with decent detail.
Good luck.
DH Labs only.
ANything more you pay you are just wasting money.
I had a dh labs digital cable and tried a Wireworld gold and then an AZ mc2 which were both smoother and both more revealing at the same time than the DH labs cable.
They also both produced a much bigger soundstage than the DH labs.
I would raise your budget just a few bucks and buy one of these two used.
You won't regret it.