The best 5 disc CD Changer.

I am looking for opinions and recommendations for the best 5 disc cd player available on the market. I would like to run the changer directly into my Wadia, so the cd changer must have digital ouputs. I recently purchased a Sony SCD C333ES for this purpose; however, the Sony only allows you to use the digital outputs for regular CD playback which defeats part of the purpose of buying the C333ES. I like the CAL CL-10, but they are very difficult to find since the model has been discontinued.

Any thoughts and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I am confused by your post. Would not the CD Changer only have digital output for CD playback the same as the Sony. Or are you looking for a 5 Disc DVD Changer?

It will be harder to find, now that it has just been discontinued (Best Buy did carry it), but the best "CD" Changer for a transport is the Aiwa XC-35M or XC-37M (MSRP $129.00), especially if you have Stan Warren modify it with his duoptic digital cable for another $150. The newer XC-37M will read CDRs if this is what you are referring to.

i have seen an arcam cd changer.i havent heard it but i'm sure it would be a lot better than any jap gear and it got a good review a couple of yrs ago in a uk hifi mag......if i was to go into the cd changer field i'm sure i'd get that as i have a arcam cd player and its got a very nice sound for all types of music....
From what you described the Sony 333ES is exactly what you want. It has a coaxial digital output which you could connect to your Wadia's digital input. The Sony does not offer a digital output for SACD formatted disc, but your Wadia wouldn't be able to decode them even if the Sony did. There are no currently available multi-disc players to output a SACD digital signal.
There are currently no Transports whatsoever that output an SACD signal (save accuphase). And even accuphase requires two cables. The signal now is so proprietary, that decoding has been purely per manufacturer. So don't look for that, because you won't be able to find it.
The sony XA555ES probably has an even better transport. It is probably the best 5 disc transport on the market right now. Thanks
re: SACD not being able to output a digital signal- THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!! I use the wonderful Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CDP. It actually HAS a digital 'in' (choice of BNC or Coax). I was actually looking forward to trying SACD by getting a half-decent unit to use as a transport only, and feeding it through the excellent DAC/Anagram chipset/output stage of the Capitole. Looks like a no-go from what you guys are saying. That bites!!!!!!!
Am I the only person who finds jrouten's use of the phrase "jap" distasteful to the extreme? Since these forums are moderated, I expect better from Audiogon.
You weren't the only one (although I'd say 'extreme' is probably a bit extreme and my initial reading of the post led me to wonder if the slur was made out of malice or just ignorance)
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check out the NAD 515, no longer available new but used ones sell for about $300. I have had one for several years now and love it. great warm sound, nice detail, reliable, all the functions you need and none that you dont need.
I believe it was also the only sub 1000 changer stereophile recommended.
From what i was told by a reliable source ( at least i think he is ), the Sony 555 should be a much better performing unit than the 333 as a stand alone unit due to the differences in the DAC's that they are using. As a transport only, i don't know if there would be any difference. I think that you can get the 555 from Oade Brothers for about $750 give or take. Sean
The CL-10 is a VERY good unit and is available here and on ebay frequently used, including a recent NIB unit. Should set you back about $7-800. It has coax, ATT and balanced digital outputs.