The Best 200 and tube like CD-player for the money

I started this thread similar to "The best CD-player for the money" but like to be able to load 200~400 CD without worring to change them after finishing each CD. I also like to have this CD-player sound close to tube (sort of wishes!)due to pre and amp are all tubes. Most of my collection is classical. My price range will be 1K ~3k. your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I use a Pioneer 300 disc CD/DVD changer with a coaxial digital out into a tube Kora Hermes DAC. Sounds great! Together less than your budget range.
Make sure to use a Jitter device. The crystal in a Mega Changer is worthy about .83 cents.
Monarchy make a nice little unit.
An Audio Note DAC 1.2 fits the bill.
The jitter device is a good idea - I use the GW Labs - better than the Monarchy - more money though.
Hi, Natalie or Ljgj

Thanks for your suggestions. I am currently using SONY 200 CD connect to Parasound DAC then to pre-amp Syrah/ARC VT100. Where the jitter device plug in ? Please advise.
CD player digital out to jitter device - jitter device digital out to DAC digital in.