The Beatles Revolver

Just read where Giles Martin is using  AI-powered audio separation technology to remix Revolver. From what I read he can take the mono tracks and separate all the instruments and vocals on the 4 track tape the were recorded on and then I guess remix them in 24 track or whatever he wants. Is this good? I love The Beatles and no matter how much better it my sound it not the same. They had what they had in 1966. And George Martin did wonders with 4 tracks. Where does this reissuing of classic albums stop. Is Revolver remixed in multi tracks still Revolver?


I have the Japan black box set and the British Blue Box set I don’t have the MOFI set any more but I have always preferred the British Blue Box best for Stereo. But still not as good as the original mono or the 2014 Mono pressings. I have some of the Red Vinyl Mono pressings from the 80’s but haven’t played them in a long time more of a collector thing. 



Thank you for the follow up. Agreed-  it would be difficult to say which batch of Masters were used for the 1982 set. Still, you have a very collectible. Not many of those sets were produced. I believe that each set is Serial Numbered as well.


Between the original Vinyl from the 60’s and Japan imports, any fan cannot go wrong.


Happy Listening!


Do you if the original master tapes used for the UK pressing ?

Do you have a mono cartridge ?

Don’t know what tapes were used for U.K. pressings but I believe the U.K. pressings sound better than the Japanese ones. I do not have a mono cartridge. 

I read Martin wasn't doing anything to the mono so it should sound the same as the last reissue.