The Beatles Mono Box Set or The Beatles Stereo???

Both The Beatles Mono Box Set and The Beatles Stereo Box Set is on sale right now for $129. Just have no clue which one to get. I know one is mono and the other is stereo, other than that, can somebody explain to me the difference between the two and why should I pick one over the other?
The mono box does not have the recordings that they made in stereo like Abbey Rd. It has the 10 original mono albums plus a double CD of all the Beatles' non album tracks and EP's. The mono box has 13 discs.
The stereo box has 16 discs including Abbey Rd, Let It Be and Past Masters plus 13 mini documentaries.
After several passes through the mono box set I find that I prefer the mono CDs over stereo for every album. At first listen I thought I preferred the stereo on some albums (White, Rubber Soul) - more audio expansion was presented by the stereo, and more lively. But on further listening I now always prefer the monos. The sound is much more tangible, intimate, real. Now I wish Abbey Road and Let It Be were available in mono. For me, mono, hands down.
Actually, it's more expensive, but you can get the stereo set on USB drive remastered in 24 bit (still at 44.1 for some reason). Much better resolution, detail, timbre.......... If, of course, you can play files off of a USB drive.
I second the vote for mono. I didn't think I would care for the mono because my introduction to this music was all in stereo. The stereo versions are fun and worth the novelty of hearing some interesting studio experimentation. After a while though, the unrealistic mix decisions begin to sound silly. Taxman from Revolver (Stereo), for example, has bass guitar, drums and lead guitar on the left, vocals are centered and then, on the right back-up vocals, a tambourine and injections of guitar solos. Vocals and instruments are all segregated. The mono version, in contrast, is a little more compressed sounding but instruments and vocals are together. In other words, it feels more like the band is performing the song together, in front of the listener, as one coherent unit. Both have their merits and everyone has their preferences. I'll take the mono. :)
From reading the reviews here in Audiogon and Amazon, I think I'm getting the mono set. Which Beatles stereo CD should I get in addition to the mono set to complete my Beatles collection?
I bought the mono and then added Abby road and Let it be. To me the mono issues are just more rocking, the separation in the stereo mixes are interesting but weaken the musics impact.

The other than the sound the mono issues have amazing packaging of each disk. Japanese style recreations of the original lps including the inserts and sleeves. Really great for the price as these type things are usually $20 a disk.
buy both..its the beatles.
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I've got both, but I most definitely find that I play the mono discs more often. If you do go for the mono box, you'll need to pick up "Abbey Road" and "Let it Be," as The Beatles didn't release mono mixes of those records.
Both the stereo and mono Beatles box sets are available at Amazon (not a reseller) for $130 which is a great price. Just be careful that you don't pick up a counterfeit copy which I assume isn't an issue when buying directly from Amazon. Here is an ebay article and a You Tube video showing what to look for in a counterfeit set.

Barnes & Noble has them for $185/$200 so I'm not sure if the discounted price is because the Beatles catalog will soon be available on iTunes or if this is just a temporary price drop.
Get the stereo one. I *LOVE* it.
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I guess they used the term "limited edition" rather loosely in describing the mono box set.
The mono box set is on sale at Barnes & Noble for $120 for today only. Sale ends at midnight, Monday December 6th:
Mono Box set at Barnes and Noble
Jebe1, thanks for making me spend $120 when all I wanted to do was read some comments.