The Beatles .....

…..someone please tell me why their music ( re-issues ) are always available to the public on the 9th day of the month ?  
Numba niyun, numba niyun, numba niyun...
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Is this a trick question?
Is this a trick question?
The white Albbum   #9#9#9

…….okay I guess that I wasn't clear in my question : If you look back, all of the Beatles music re-issues were all made available on the 9th day of that particular month. For instance, the 50 year anniversary re-issue of The Beatles White Album will be available on 11/09. So all Beatle fans …..why does their music become only available on the 9th day of the month ? Is it because of the '' that '' song ?

No rja it is not a trick question.


Here we go, another conspiracy theory.
The answer is yes. They are messing with your head.
…...thanks Frogman as that does answer my question. Amazing