The Band remasters

I just purchased two of tne Bands rereleased 24 bit remasters. Music From Big Pink & The Band self-titled. I think the remaster job was done quite well. I would recommend these to The Band fans.
What label is marketing the remasters?
They are on Capital records. They going to redo the whole Band catalog over time.
i have all the band remasters done thus far (more freebies from my older son). i find them to be very uneven and only slightly better sonically than their original cd counterparts. i was especially dissapointed with "rock of ages." "big pink" seems the best of the lot thus far, probably because it's better engineered and produced than most of the other stuff. -kelly
I just bought the rematered best of Vol. 1, and am very disappointed. The sound quality is quite poor, and a distraction.