The Band on MFSL

I stumbled upon "The Last Waltz" on PBS the other day and am falling in love all over again with The Band. I've got an early 80s MFSL "Big Pink" which I listened to end to end the other day--magnificent. I'm wondering if/when their self-titled sophomore effort will be released on MFSL. I've seen reference to it in TAS (reviewers using it at shows) and thought I saw a March 31 anticipated release BUT I called Acoustic Sounds today and they don't know anything about this title coming out on MoFi. Does anyone know anything about this release? Also, I'd be interested in hearing what people think about the MoFi "Rock of Ages" LP which captures The Band live. Fremer wrote a positive review but gave it an "8" for sound quality, which is pretty low for him. Anyone care to comment on the sound quality of this LP (and the performance too)?
I would have sworn that my original copy of Big Pink had the rainbow label.  But it's been many years, so...
I just checked on "google images" and found several examples of Big Pink with rainbow, not lime green, label, FWIW.
The 1st pressing of Big Pink in '68 had the black w/rainbow label. I have a 1969, 3-LP set from Capitol that has the odd combination of Steve Miller Band's 'Sailor", Quicksilver Messenger Service (S/T), and Music from Big Pink that has the lime green labels.