The Band on MFSL

I stumbled upon "The Last Waltz" on PBS the other day and am falling in love all over again with The Band. I've got an early 80s MFSL "Big Pink" which I listened to end to end the other day--magnificent. I'm wondering if/when their self-titled sophomore effort will be released on MFSL. I've seen reference to it in TAS (reviewers using it at shows) and thought I saw a March 31 anticipated release BUT I called Acoustic Sounds today and they don't know anything about this title coming out on MoFi. Does anyone know anything about this release? Also, I'd be interested in hearing what people think about the MoFi "Rock of Ages" LP which captures The Band live. Fremer wrote a positive review but gave it an "8" for sound quality, which is pretty low for him. Anyone care to comment on the sound quality of this LP (and the performance too)?

MFSL also recently put out The Band’s studio collaboration with Dylan, the Planet Waves album. It came out on Asylum Records in ’74 (the only Dylan album not on Columbia Records), and is really, really good. It contains "Forever Young", a song you will be hearing in your head for the rest of the day after listening to it. MFSL just put it out on SACD and LP. I haven’t heard it yet, but even the original sounds great, very "in the room"---minimal processing such as electronic reverb, etc. It was recorded right as Bob & The Band were going on the road for Bob’s first tour since his ’65-’66 one with The Hawks (The Band’s name until ’68), and captured on the Before The Flood album.

I neglected to comment on the musical quality of the Rock of Ages album. I’m not that interested in the MFSL pressing (but would still like to hear about it!) because the live recording isn’t great to begin with. But musically? OMG, The Band are on FIRE! I really pity those who didn’t get to see them live. A very, very special ensemble, like no other in Rock ’n Roll history. I got to see and hear those considered by others to be amongst the "Greats"---The Beatles, The Stones, The Beach Boys (if you’re laughing it’s because you never saw them in their prime), Cream, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, NRBQ, Rockpile, you name it. I also got to hear some of the originals upon whose shoulders those people stood---Big Joe Turner, Albert King, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, so many others. None of them---none, had what The Band did. I’ll stop now, ’cause I could go on for hours.


As always, I appreciate your insight and passion, especially on The Band.

I had the 80's MFSL version of Music From Big Pink, and wasn't that impressed with the sound. It sounded sort of harsh and congested as I recall. I later purchased a British EMI pressing that was much better.

I have the lime green S/T and it sounds pretty good.
I own The MFSL,a RL Original lime green label pressing and a Simply Vinyl pressing  of The Band and on my system I prefer the Original RL pressing.
The Simply Vinyl pressing is a dog, avoid at all costs.
Also rumours that although MFSL claims their pressing was culled from the original analog master the original analog master was lost years ago.
I will say that the 24 bit cd re master is excellent and shows no sign of digititas.

Yup, the S/T brown album masters are missing, and have been for a long time. Steve Hoffman’s credibility and reputation were damaged when his CD mastering of the album for Audio Fidelity was claimed to have been done from the masters. They were not. Neither were the new MFSL, but the Capitol RL were.