The Audiophile's Wife

My wife has put up with my a-phile ways for years and has decided to write a blog about it. Thought you (or more likely your spouse) might get a kick out of it.

Even though she writes with a bit of an edge, she's really a good sport and very supportive of my "hobby".
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That was fun - sharp writing and rings true! I bookmarked this one and look forward to the next addition.
Your wife has a great sense of humor. Her great wit seems to be very good.
I also think she's a great writer. She's missed her calling if she doesn't write for a living.
Give her a thumbs up from me and my wife. For my wife can relate so well.
Terrific! Your wife has a talent and encourage her to keep going.
That was very entertaining and made my evening (along with a little Electric Dirt and Dirt Farmer by Levon Helm).
Loved the Allison Krause piece! Already forwarded the link to my equally subjected wife. Thanks for sharing!
What a great piece of work - why is audio such a "guy" thing anyway?
Very nice.

My own wife is not the least audiophile.

The bummer being that I can spend all day rolling tubes and perhaps barely noticing any difference whatsoever... and then my wife comes home...after I put all of the boxes (evidence) away, and she notices immediately that the system sounds "more woody' tonight.

I buy it. She hears it, but couldn't really care less.
Great blog- showed it to my better1/2. BTW what is your granny gear- say it's not 39/25
Great fun! Keep it up!


Your wife is an extremely good writer, very impressed. "audio winning," I'll be using that for now on!
Very enjoyable reading. Your wife articulates what many wives must be experiencing. I had a pair of speakers in the late 80s and 90s that my wife loved. Couldn't care how they sounded, she loved how they looked. It has been 10 years now since I sold them but she still mentions now and then her disappointment at their replacements.
Well written,humorous,and all to true. A pleasure to be harpooned by her incisive wit. The spousal unit was sincerely amused.
Fantastic stuff.
My wife is not connected at all to my "hobby," as she calls it. She endures. Over the years she has favorably commented on one pair of speakers, and that was because of their looks.
that's fantastic - great observation, great humor, and great writing!

thanks for sharing.
Grannyring- that is awesome! Your wife is talented, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. If she were only strong enough to wrangle a pair of VAC 70/70 monos up or down a set of narrow, steep stair by herself, she'd be a keeper ;~)
That was a fun read. It had me laughing out loud a couple times. I'm going to tell my audiophile friends about it.
Just wonderful! Your wife has great wit and talent! I've forwarded it to my wife so she won't feel so alone. Thanks for sharing that.
Two thumbs up...the blog is really keen. I don't think I would ever ask my wife to help lift or carry gear. She would begin to wonder too much of the cost. I try to put new gear in place and set up and hope she does not notice.
I will tune in again to the Audiophile Wife.
I am impressed and she is a very good sport you are very blessed.
You have a winner, but you already know that.
Enjoyed it and now know how come you are such a good guy having met the women behind the man:)
Grinning from ear to ear! Audiogon should put a link on the homepage.
Wow! only 4 paras, each few lines each and it tells you so much. Excellent writing skills!! Enjoyed great deal. And Bookmarked the link;-) Tell her to keep it coming.
You are lucky man. And thank you for sharing. I just read it to my wife and had her in stitches. Please tell your wife to keep it coming.
I was surprised there wasn't a post on there about the necessity of all "The Cables". I shared the link on the Polk Audio forum and the guys there all loved it too.
Hi Grannyring.

The blog is excellent. The "It's Not That Heavy" blog post got me thinking about why I'll always try to get a piece of equipment that I can carry myself so I don't have to ask for help.

For "The Other Woman" blog post I thought she was going to say it was Diana Krall and not Alison Krauss.

Very good stuff and I hope she keeps writing but then that means you'd have to be giving her more subject matter.
My wife tells me she has all kinds of fuel to fan her creative
writings. This week for instance I am playing with some open baffle, highly efficient speakers. I will drive several hours to pick them up in their 150 pound crates. They are pretty ugly by her standards and are sure to be great fuel! That's just this week! Oh, forgot the fact that I sold my amp for another this week and had her listen to the new amp yesterday!

No worries, she has lots of material
Wow a new excuse! "Honey, I have to go get this new equipment so that you will have fresh material for your blog".
Gammajo, that's a very good angle on this subject. Kudos to you for having a great sence of humor. I laughed out loud when I read your post.
Grannyring, I LOVE your wife's blog..."...the bass had gone hasta la bye bye..." indeed...and I'm sending it to all my audiofool buddies, which lists include MY loving wife.

What a great wife, Bill. I think that she understands audiophiles.

Do you think she will offer counseling for other audiophile wives? :)

What a sense of humor!
There are a couple of new posts on the blog. Grannyring, sounds like your wife even kept her sense of humor upon the arrival of the open baffle speakers - hope you like the sound of them too.
This blog gives me the feeling of a guy trying to write like a gal, sorry just the vibe I got. No offense, just my thought.
LOL - I can assure you she is 100% woman!


Yes, you correctly deduced the arrival of my (half-naked) open baffle speakers. They are open baffle subs that I run with my Soundlab M1 speakers. I love them!
September 30 entry for the win.
Still reading. Hilarious and intelligent!
My wife (now separated) has threatened to throw water on my rig when I was out of town on a family emergency. I think she was drinking at that time, but for peace of mind I have since boxed everything up for my own mental health. Can anubody here relate to that?? Or am I married to a nut case?
To me it sounds like you pissed her off royally, but it is probably not about the audio system. What else did you do or say to her? Given that you are separated it was probably a whole lot of other little things and maybe a few big things too.
Grannyring - You're one lucky dude. She's not nearly as uninformed or uninvolved as she claims to be. Great stuff from her. I'm thinking I will forward to my wife but trying to evaluate the potential consequences. She is MAJORLY disinterested in my audio pursuit.
Your wife have nice writing skills, you better help her to get more involved on audio.
Still enjoying the blog -the soldering iron is priceless
Thanks Gammajo!
So your seperated but "she" still writes a blog in both friendly and current context? Doesnt add up but from the start I said its written like a man trying to act like a woman. Just gotta go with my gut here.
We are not separated Chadnliz. Happily married and very much together I am happy to report.

I cannot write very well to be honest. Believe what you must to deal with the blog!
I find myself looking forward to reading the new blog post that arrives on Fridays. It always gives me a chuckle.
I must have misread anothers post about being seperated I am sorry. My gut still says a man writes this. ;)
hopefully a wife accepts her husband and his hobbies.
I'll say it again, Grannyring: you are a lucky guy. Your wife is not only a talented writer, she is very witty and funny. If she were single, and I were single, well.... Sorry man, I'm sure you understand. BTW, my wife loves the blog; she wants to know if your wife will consider a request for subject matter.

BTW Chadnliz, I don't get how you could have possibly thought she was a guy. Maybe you should drop it? It's ruining my fantasy ;-)
Hey, not that there is anything wrong with that lol