The Audio Research Database

The Audio Research Database (ARCDB) contains information about products from Audio Research. The goal is to cover all products thay have ever made.

Feel free to visit it at:
What a waist of time. The site does not even have amplifiers listed. Not one. Nor does the site have most of Audio Research's pre-amps. A complete of waist of digital data on the internet
An outstanding site especially when trying to determine where a used piece of AR equipment fits into the line. Similar to the marantz database. Appreciate the effort in putting this up on the web. Good work!
I agree with Tumbler. An excellent collection of information.

Kevyo, how about a little work on your social and spelling skills? It's nice to be nice.

The Audio Research Database currently lists:

57 amplifiers
15 preamplifiers
16 line stages
8 phono preamplifiers
8 digital components
7 crossovers
7 other components

So, I don't know what you are talking about or what your agenda is.
Great! Congratulations. Looks good, with nice picures and a lot of information, yet to be completed, I guess. Thank you very much.
A really nice site in the making.Looks almost as good as the equiptment sounds!
Could you post a direct link to this website? I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but I cannot link or find it in a search............ Sounds interesting though.
You might try the following link:

Probably your DNS server hasn't been notified about yet.

Hope it helps.
I'm sure alot of people will appreciate this effort. One of the few companies something like this is worthwhile. Being as Kevyo can't even spell a common one syllable word like "waste" properly tell us a few things about him besides his being negative without reason.
I second a sincere thanks to the person who exerted the effort to create this wonderful tribute site. (Is it Manfredpersson?). There is nowhere, including Audio Research's own site, where you can get this information, and the pics of the cosmetics and interiors of the units. I was able to look at the internals of units that I have never seen, and this was so nice. Hopefully, some members here will provide some better photos of their units, where the creator was obviously unable to obtain first-rate photos.
Exceptional info,good work and thanks for the tip,have a large Holiday bump and enjoy the Kharma[sorry,couldn't resist].We owe you one,Bob
Amazing Website--Filled with the kind of detail that puts the ENTHUSIASM back in to hi end audio.
I looked for info for years on the net for ARC products and pics and this is by far the best yet.Audio Research should pay this guy something for this contribution,There website is very good but does not delve into the history of ARC products.Without this info i was totaly in the dark-Now I am able to check all the products---SIMPLY GREAT.
If you want some great pics of the DAC-1 Just let me know.
Thank you for your nice words. I am very happy that the site is of interest to other people than myself. I will continue to add information and pictures, but I am really relying on the visitors to the site to contribute with more stuff. So, please send whatever information, pictures and corrections you have to:
I am surprised that there is no way for one to submit pics or manuals to the web site. First thing I thought of was sending in pics of My D-76A.

Anyone know if the person running this will accept contributions, information, etc...?
South park,

I will happily accept contributions like pictures, specifications, scanned manuals etc. If you click on the "C" button on the top of the first page, you will see that you can send your stuff to: