The Audio Doctor makes a house call

I would like to contribute  to the discussion about Dave, the “Audio Doctor.”   I live in California but, after many phone conversations and texts where he provided advice about my system with no promise of any return, we decided a trip here from New Jersey would be worthwhile and worked out an arrangement.  Dave brought a lot of accessories for me to audition. First, we repositioned my speakers (KEF Reference 5s), which really improved the sound.  We tried a DAC (Aqua) to compare with my current Auralic Vega (first generation), wireworld interconnects and several other things.  I already had purchased an Innuous Zenith server from Dave and we set that up.  Dave was very enthusiastic about my speakers (which he sells but I already had purchased elsewhere) and my electronics (Audio Research amp, pre amp, phono stage) and never suggested buying new ones.   

At no point did I feel he was pressuring me or trying to sell me something just to make a sale.  My system is definitely sounding better now and I may move ahead with some other improvements he recommended. Of course, Dave is in the audio business and makes his livelihood that way but I think he was genuinely interested in helping me get better sound.  I know that some have objected to him and other dealers posting on this board.  Personally, I have found  his postings very helpful.  Those who don’t can always skip over them—no one is forcing you to read anything.  

Finally, I met Dave for the first time when he came here and have no connection other than as a recent customer.  
For the record, you’ve never been “attacked”.

I simply pointed out your various unethical business practices such as using the threads as a sales tool. 

Or posting under various monikers to push products without dealer disclosure.The  “Audiooracle” moniker clearly illustrates this. 

I believe enlightenment, not attack, is far more appropriate. 

For the last time, and I will no longer address it, my business is closed. Thanks for your interest. 

The Audio Witch Doctor has every right to post here, within forum rules, just as those that wish to criticize those posts should bring it on. 
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@viridian  and have they ever!  Outrage!
lol...can I use CTRL + a, highlight it all and report function available?
could not resist...*laffs