The Audio Doctor makes a house call

I would like to contribute  to the discussion about Dave, the “Audio Doctor.”   I live in California but, after many phone conversations and texts where he provided advice about my system with no promise of any return, we decided a trip here from New Jersey would be worthwhile and worked out an arrangement.  Dave brought a lot of accessories for me to audition. First, we repositioned my speakers (KEF Reference 5s), which really improved the sound.  We tried a DAC (Aqua) to compare with my current Auralic Vega (first generation), wireworld interconnects and several other things.  I already had purchased an Innuous Zenith server from Dave and we set that up.  Dave was very enthusiastic about my speakers (which he sells but I already had purchased elsewhere) and my electronics (Audio Research amp, pre amp, phono stage) and never suggested buying new ones.   

At no point did I feel he was pressuring me or trying to sell me something just to make a sale.  My system is definitely sounding better now and I may move ahead with some other improvements he recommended. Of course, Dave is in the audio business and makes his livelihood that way but I think he was genuinely interested in helping me get better sound.  I know that some have objected to him and other dealers posting on this board.  Personally, I have found  his postings very helpful.  Those who don’t can always skip over them—no one is forcing you to read anything.  

Finally, I met Dave for the first time when he came here and have no connection other than as a recent customer.  
For the record, when I purchased from wcfeil, it was one of the smoothest transactions I ever had.  Before he retired, he carried some of the best and expensive brands available.  I see no reason for audiotroy to mock him as he has closed shop and retired. I was all for audiotroy in the beginning as I felt he brought much information to the table, but his ongoing rants that go on and on and his childish argument with wcfeil is too much. Also, calling wcfeil old and irrelevant annoys me as I am also old and retired. I certainly wouldn’t want to purchase from someone who felt like that about me!  To audiotroy:  stop the nonsense as you are driving away potential customers with your long winded BS and your feud with wcfeil. If you must continue, do it via private email please for everyone here.  Peace. 
Stereo5 Mr Feil started this not us lets be clear.

As per brands he carried sorry we disagree i remember one of his ads and his gear was mostly smaller esoteric lines he did not sell the top brands such as Arc, Wilson, Kef, B&W etc.

Our store his $1.2 million worth of gear on display with Kef, Dali, Paradigm, T plus A, Mytek, Naim, Nad etc

As per feud we never started it he has been attacking us in every way possible and we have insulted him by calling him old he is the one who started by calling me chubby.

I am sorry you have been turned off by this so are we.

Mr Feil should refrain from being the self appointed monitor of Audiogon. If he would there would be no juvenille exchanges.
I was hesitant to indulge our overweight chest thumping rooster but for the record, here is a partial list of the brands I carried:
Pass Labs, Esoteric, Basis Audio, Transfiguration, Dynaudio, Manley Labs, Dynavector, Lyra, Stealth, Audioquest, Silverline, Atma-Sphere, Triplanar, Zu Audio, Koetsu, ATC, Audio Note, Cartridge Man, Parasound, and on and on. 

Was it the finest and most exotic product mix? No, there were many other dealers at the time with a broader and more complete portfolio. However, it served my customer base perfectly and the niche I created. My feedback is testimony to it. Once again, my business has been closed for almost 5 years. I see little sense in lalin’s retrospection. 

Go ahead lalin, now demean and/or ridicule any of these manufacturers so you can further alienate the posters and readers who own or have owned these products. 
Sorry Feil that is better line up of products then i remember you having.

And we sell some of those lines and a whole lot more

Your constant attacks bemean us both.

For the record can you show us some pictures of your shop.  I know you closed 5 years ago but you must have some pics dont you

After all Feil you started these attacks.
Mods should have intervened and stopped this silliness. I would have.