The Audeze of speakers

I reached the end game of headphones and I can't get enough: Audeze X driven by a Burson. Its warm and detailed highs, superb mid's and a fantastic low end. My question is what is the equivalent in speakers? I sold off my B&W 805S + integrated Mac. The pairing was excellent, but has its flaws, namely accuracy and soundstage.

If I were to upgrade someday what would be that perfect speaker+amp pairing be? (under 10K).
Audeze house sound is extremely thick sounding lower mids and lows. For a 2 channel monitor sized speaker uou would need an extremely high performance woofer, like one of those 800-1000$/pair accutons that could handle being EQed to that extent with something like Dirac Live.

Closest I’ve gotten to audeze house sound is the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 Diamond. They are about $8k a pair and use the seas diamond tweeter and a prototype Seas excel woofer that’s somewhere in the performance class of the accuton c173. The bass coming out of that 6" woofer is ridiculous and actually doesnt make me reach for the subwoofer on button. The bass is so ridiculous on these speakers it makes the Dynaudio C1 really pale in comparison. The mids are extremely full bodied.
I’m skeptical that you had your speakers setup ideally if you say your speakers lacked soundstage and accuracy. These are two things that speakers can beat headphones at with their eyes closed.
More likely then not you are just used to how headphones sound and prefer their sound signature. It is unlikely you will be impressed by speakers unless you get a new room or listening area. Which I would suggest, because speakers are much better than headphones, in my honest opinion.

your description of audeze is funnily enough a lot how I would describe my speakers, jbl 4367. the midrange is squeaky clean sounding, and the highs sparkle and have sense of space and depth to them. the horn used in the 4367 is a triumph of engineering and needs to be heard to be believed. the imaging is pin point, even mid bass is so clearly imaged you would swear you have a center channel. bass is prodigious. theres no replacement for displacement. the large 15 inch woofer of this speaker outputs much much better sounding bass than any pair or trio set of 8 inch woofers could hope to achieve.

so maybe take a listen to those if you can. they can be got for under 10k.

I can probably help you. I own the LCD-X and burson soloist amp. I also own the HD800-S and focal Elex (my current favorite) and have owned too many headphones to list... I have also owned the b&w 703, demoed the 805d etc (heard the 802D3 today too)

it is important to to understand what you like about your lcd-X. My guess it is the bass. Coming from small monitors a true full range system can have a profound effect on the sound. 

Simply put you are going to need subs with any speaker you choose to compete. I do mean any!  The lcd-x bass is down right impressive in the sub bass but it lack the leading edge impact in the mid bass and mid band of my speakers (thiel 2.4) plus two JL E112 subs (12” subs actively crossed over). The speakers just hit harder across the entire range. The lcd-x is very soft sounding from a leading edge impact point of view but the sub bass covers it up a bit with its amazing reach and clarity. 

I will also be in the minority and tell you headphones are as good as speakers, just different. 

I like the lcd-x soooo... the below is just in absolutes not that they are bad...

Now the problem. The lcd-x is super colored tonally. The frequency response is off with a large dip in the upper mids probably due to pad bounce (crazy small room) as most headphones are.

Many high end speakers are the opposite and forward in the mid band. To top it off the timbre on the lcd-x is pretty wrong to my ear with wonky mids and splashy highs. They just sound a little off to me in the midrange, most noticeable on vocals but super fun in their own way. 

As for speakers that is a tough one. I would just by something well respected used and get some good subs. Then EQ. Yep I said it. If you use a computer as a source a little eq (1.5-3 dB) here and there can really help. There are a ton of good eq plug in these days. Most speakers are going to be much flatter, forward and more aggressive then the lcd-x. 

Maybe someone with “musical” speaker experience can chime in as I usually lean toward flat aggressive speakers.