The Animals in High Def...Anyone have any feedback

HDTracks is offering The Animals, "Retrospective" in 24/176. I was wondering if anyone has purchased this and if so, what your thoughts are (i.e.: sound quality compared to the Redbook version)...??



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I downloaded four albums tonight including Animals. I love HD tracks.

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Details are here
Excellent sound. The best you will find. I can confirm that this is the SACD mastering by Bob Ludwig - basically the PCM files rather than the DSD. The quality is on par with early stones stuff done by Bob.

Of course the drums are recorded as drums were recorded and played in the 60's but the bass is excellent on most tracks. I don't think you will find a better recording of The Animals.

Indeed I have the Deep Purple Machine Head. It is also excellent. As I mentioned, HDtracks is a great resource and I find it extremely surprising that it is not more popular with Audiogoners. After all, for me it is first and foremost about the music.