The Amp Game,

Hi all, I'm having to downgrade for a while and need some thoughts on what amp to choose in my budget at this time.
(1) Sony TA-N77ES?
(2) Sony TA-N90ES?
(2) Pair Adcom GFA-565's?
I will be running a XA7ES direct to the amp, Speakers are 84db & 8ohm. They love power and curent any thoughts here on my best sound and bang for the buck?
Parasound amps are excellent used values and offer a good amount of power and current; reliable, too. Well within your price range. You could even buy one of the new Parasound Halo amps, I believe, for around 800 (the 100 watt model; good amp from what I hear),.

The hca 1206 is interesting as you can bridge four of the six channels for LOTS of current and power and still have another pair of stereo channels left over at 135w/4 ohms and 200 into 8 for each channel. Bridging takes it up to 350 watts into 8 ohms; it works.
Can't say I know anything about the sony amps, the Adcom mono's are pretty old, I would check with Adcom and see if service can still be had on them. They got a good review in stereophile years ago, class B if I recall. Aragon 4004 can be had in your price range, Belles 150a hot rod is for sale on audiogon also. I don't know the output of your sony, you will need to factor that in your choice of amp if you are going to go without a pre-amp, your speakers at 84db could be a problem in passive also.
Be paitent and find an old S300 II Stasis amp from Threshold.

They can be had at your limit, it will take a few months.
I saw an S500 go on e-bay last week for a kilo buck.

Also if you can live with lower output the Aleph are awesome amps at about that price used, or a kilo buck new.

If you don't mind vintage tube gear, you can get a good shape Harmon Kardon Citation II ( 60 Watt/ch ) tube amp for that price and it will blow everything you listed away.
You could also look into an Odyssey Stratus. You can get a used one in your price range. I doubt you will be disappointed, unless you need a lot more power. But that depends on listening levels, etc.
So? What did you finally select? I have a Sony TA-N90ES and think it is the equal of many highly regarded amps that sell for much more. With its MOSFET design from end-to-end and low gain and solid build quality, it is hard to beat for $500, or so. I use with a Threshold preamp and listen to vinyl and digital and think it controls my Audio Physic Tempo IIIi speakers about as well as anything can. Wonderful, musical, lyrical sound.
if not a used stratos from odyssey -try the new khartago (100wpc)from odyssey-i think klaus said its 750 new.
20 year warranty also