The Amazing Ortofon MC-1 Turbo Cartridge

One of these carts came with my Acoustic Solid table and I'd never bothered to put it on. I decided to give it a spin over the weekend and - wow. Since it sells for $150, my expectations were rather low - but OTOH after hearing what the Zu Denon 103 can do my price/performance sensibilities had undergone a shift anyway.

Short of it is it's just an amazing cart for $150. It's a HO MC running into the MM section of my Monbrison. It has no major weaknesses - there are sins of omission in bass slam and perhaps smoothness (meaning just that it's not the last word), and it's not quiet, but, again - for the money - outstanding. Even more surprising to me since I'd never heard of it, or any of these cheap Ortofon carts.

Just thought I'd pass that on.