The amazing Audio Analogue integrated amp

A while ago I purchased the Italian Audio Analogue Primo Settanta integrated amp. It is a truly amazing amp on many levels.

First off its design, build and looks are without fault. If you like a minimalist modern Italian look this is it. I has all aluminum casework w/ extruded aluminum side panels and stainless steel trim. And the volume control is a really cool stainless steel jog/shuttle knob to raise and lower the volume. Not a potentiometer, but using a resistor ladder network to control volume.

The more I listen to it the more I am amazed at its tubelike sound. I couldn't put my finger on how they actually accomplished this from a SS amp. After research I found out that the chip amp modules used are responsible for its warm, fast and detailed sound. some refer to these amps as gain card amps.

This AA amp uses 2 LM3886 power pack modules per channel resulting in 70 wpc @ 8 ohms and 140 wpc @ 4 ohms. These are the same power packs used in Jeff Rowlands Concentra amp (w/ 6 power packs per channel) and 47 Labs Gaincard (w/ 1 power pack per channel).

I love this amps tubelike sound, SS detail and punch with really cool looks. And it only retails for $995 USD.
Do you still keep this amp? How do you think about it after all this time?
Have you ever compared it to other audio analogue amps? I have Opera Prima speakers and not sure if I will make a good match. I am also considering the unico. I really need advice on this.
I have one too, the volume control is a major PITA.
Impossible to get the correct volume either by hand or remote , worst money I ever spent in Audio .