The all conquering Zerostat

Since having purchased my one and only Zerostat over 30 years ago, I'm on my:

Third turntable

Third tonearm

Sixth cartridge

Sixth set of speakers

Sixth preamplifier

Sixth amplifier

Third tuner

Sixth CD player

along the way there has also been a tuner/preamp and two integrateds

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What a great product and at a very reasonable cost especially for the consistent results achieved. I too have gone thru various gear and the Zerostat still goes on and on.
Like you I have a litany of stuff going back decades covered by an original Zerostat bought for $29.99 in about 1970, which is still going strong.  It is white.  I also have a newer blue one in another house that cost about $79.99.  But both are relagated to back seat status these days by a Furutech destat III, which cost $399.00 and works so much better than the Zerostats that it isn't even funny.  Progress marches on.
My Zerostat is red

Seriously? I'm on my 4th! (Although I've been using them 10 years longer ;^)

Admittedly one of them snapped internally just a few hours into service and ended up being replaced. The first one I recall cost me a mere £6-99 but if you upscale by inflation it probably would end up costing 70 quid :D
how much is a Zerostat worth these days?
Looks like about $70.00 dollars nowadays,I'm on my third one in 30yrs.
I believe all the newer ones are blue I don't know when they made the color change.
Not a zerostat, but i'm still using my 1987 path record brush, and it still does a great job. It got cleaned twice in that time :) 

Bill, can you elaborate on the Furutech? 
Was listening to my Sony C15ESD 10 disc CD changer today. Purchased in 1987 at Rogersound stereo in the SF Valley for $725. I've replaced the Laser once and the disc caddies tend to get dirty and stick but has given great service for 30 years. The old Zerostats were great! The new ones suck (IMO).
"Purchased in 1987 at Rogersound stereo in the SF Valley for $725."

dwellwer- I still have my RSL Speedscreens, from the Torrance store. I paid around the same amount. They were retired and mothballed in the mid 90's.

This old review was for the 2nd generation. My pair are the 1st, which had a conventional tweeter and cleaner looks IMO. Sonics I thought, werent dramatically different.

Sadly, In a few more years, RSL was done.

Wasn't Upscale Audio next door tp RSL? BTW, '87 was the year of a big earthquake. I was working in the IT dept. of Columbia Pictures at the time.
Here is a link to their website.

This is a much, much more effective static eliminator than the Zerostat.  Faster, thorough, easier to use.  Worth the money.

Upscale Audio was RSL's  super hi end part of,their retail stores. I remember it was a dept within the store. 

I won't speak for Kevin, but he was a RSL employee and when he went and did his own thing, named it UA.
The original Zerostat was sold by Discwasher and was part of a kit which included the Discwasher brush, D3 fluid, and stylus brush. They were also sold separately in red and early models were white.

The modern era Zerostat is made by Milty (blue) and was selling for $90US, but is now on Amazon for $70.
My old red Zerostat was becoming ineffective, so I found a seller on Ebay who had a case of NOS Discwashers. I bought a brand new red Zerostat for $50 (the Milty was $90) and it works very well when you follow the directions. Although, after playing one side of a record a static charge does build up on the vinyl.
On my second. Use it pretty much every day in the winter. It is effective, even on cd's. 
Back in 1980 or so, next door to Sound Components in Gainesville, was a Pizza Hut with a table top computer game. I forget whether it was Pac Man, Mrs Pac Man or the one with the aliens dropping from the sky (Space Invaders?). We discovered a great use for the ZeroStat. When fired at these game machines around town,  we were given thousands of dollars in free games, a great find for college boys.