The Absurdity of it All

50-60-70 year old ears stating with certainty that what they hear is proof positive of the efficacy of analog, uber-cables, your favorite latest and greatest audio "advancement." How many rock concerts under the bridge? Did we ever wear ear protection with our chain saws? Believe what you will, but hearing degrades with age and use and abuse. To pontificate authority while relying on damaged goods is akin to the 65 year old golfer believing his new $300 putter is going to improve his game. And his game MAY get better, but it is the belief that matters. Everything matters, but the brain matters the most.
Most are a lost cause, not because of their reduced hearing, which is okay since there is little musical content about 10KHz, but because they refuse to consider that maybe, just maybe, their perception is fallible.
If music that enters your ears causes an emotional response in you, then your hearing is good enough.

I think one, just one, of the major contributors to the confusion about the results of loss of hearing at an advanced age is the failure of people to recognize much of what they hear and judge audio highs by resides in much lower frequency ranges. So when they hear  sound clearly in the 1500 to 3000 hz range they attribute this to sounds in the 5000 (+/-) range and think their hearing is still pretty good. My age related loss of hearing mainly affects what it does to my appreciation for holographic imaging - I can still hear all the notes, just not so much the 'air'.  Which is good.  I'm no longer an airhead!  And, therefor, I'm not inclined to discuss (or argue about) my views, or those of others, of cables/interconnects and power cords. But I still hear and appreciate the music!

Why, oh why, is there so much projection done on the part of the flat earth naysayers? They are the ones with their panties in a bunch, not the hobbyists. They are the ones who preach dogma, not the other way ’round. They are the ones who want consensus on their terms and brook no argument.

That, and they are so very, very tiring.

All the best,
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