The Absolute Sound Review On The All New Acora Acoustics SRC-1 Speakers Coming Soon !

Can't wait! Along with Joseph Audio Perspective 2, SRC-1 was the best sound in CAF cost no object. The sound still haunts me.
They are certainly beautiful. And when you die, you can have them engraved. Use one as your headstone, and the other for your wife/ husband. 
  Still waiting for the TAS review online... 
These Acora Acoustics SRC-1's were the best of the 2020 Florida Audio Expo Show and even more reviewers want to review them now!  
Restart the video below and hear what they think about these amazing Acora speakers!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Ridge Street Audio and Dale Pitcher also had success with granite speakers
Not this thread again...the next best thing. 30 posters will say 28 speakers are the best. Lol.