They never got to compare Redbook vs either MQA or SACD with the exact same recording which is a real let down to me.
But then the converter in it is a BD34301EKV "Delta Sigma" based converter and not the best thing for "bit perfect" Redbook PCM CD conversion, like R2R dacs are.
As Delta Sigma can only give a facsimile of PCM, good for SACD and DSD.

Cheers George
I personally don’t think Mqa is anything special , vs a very good recorded Flac file 
DSD files yes they are very good too bad  they are not taking the time to start ramping up production. Multibit dacs are every bit as good if not better then any R2R dacs. I have had many opportunities from our audio get together to hear many quality dacs the dual AD 1955 dacs in the Bricasti M3 dac is excellent ,and as a bonus has a great streamer board option, very good True analog preamplifier section 
dedicated 1 bit DSD dac ,a true bargain at $6500 Retail. I thought the reviews were hype ,they are actually pretty spot on.
George...take my word for it...redbook is phenomenal...if the recording is also! The Luxman sound has the best of both analog and digital rolled into one fine musical presentation...