The Absolute Sound delivery issues

Is anyone else having trouble with their TAS subscription?
For the past four months it has been getting later and later until the past two issues have not even shown up.
( Yes I have paid my bill ). I see the magazine out on the store shelves 2 and 3 weeks before I receive it in the mail.
Is this just isolated or a trend?
This is the same start to the pattern that caused me to cancell my subscription to Stereophile.
I subscribed recently (two issues), I have not had a problem...yet. I don't think I have paid either (bill me option), I probably should check.
Is Mattybumpkin getting Dale's issues of Absolute Sound?
I have the same problem. Missing August/September issue. I called 1 month ago and was told 2 weeks. Emailed last night and still waiting for reply.I have a 2 year subscription.
Sorry to hear about your delivery problems. I've also noted seeing an issue or two at my local Tower Records a few days before mine arrives in the mail. This may be due to a problem with the mail house that seals and sends the issues out. My main gripe right now, is that I sent a renewal check to TAS about six weeks ago and already got the cancelled check back; but a few days ago I got a "no payment" notice in the mail. Makes me wonder if their subscriber services people really know what's going on.
Subscription services for most magazines are handled by third parties companies. Therefore, it might be that the magazines go out to retailers (thru distributors) and the subscription mailing services at the same time. The subscription mailing services then have to sort and mail out the magazine, meaning you receive it after it has already been in stores for perhaps weeks. I generally don't subscribe to magazines anymore. I just see if the current issue interests me enough to buy it. I think in the past it was perk to be a subscriber that you would get the magazine before everyone else. Nowdays magazines may rely more on retail purchases than subscriptions. But it is REALLY frustrating to see the magazine that you subscribed to sitting at the bookstore for weeks before you see yours. Ugh!
Budrew, it was even more frustrating before sites like this were here. I used to open to the back first to glance at the "For Sale" listings. Sometimes subscibers were beat to the punch by months!