The Absolute Sound and Harry Pearson

What's really happening over at The Absolute Sound with Mr. Pearson? He's leaving but not much news or detail on why...
Harry became to expensive. So Harry will now have a web site and blog all by himself. Digital is in the wind as more and more publications come out in digital editions only, so get your ipad, tablet etc.
It's time to get away from the magazines and paid advertising anyway. Aren't you tired of being brainwashed into believing the most advertised products are the best?
Buconero117, where do you get your information that "Harry became too expensive"?

His new site is not a true responsive website design, although it mostly works.

Wait and see how it goes.
I am pretty good about ignoring the 'brainwashing', I go by what I hear in my room and what I like! I do still enjoy reading the mags though, they are sometimes informative and often entertaining.
When it was 1st reported that HP had started his own website; HPsoundings, I added it to my fav list. Now when I click on it I get a 'not found' message. Anybody else experiencing this?
Buconero117: "Harry became to expensive."

That's the opposite of 'Harry became from expensive'?

You're two much!
I'm sorry, your to much!
Harry met Sally and became poor.
Abucktwoeighty, I just payed attention to your handle. My father used to use 'prices' like that; brings back warm memories...thx.

More info.
. is going live on October 31st (as per his web site).