The 1.6 Maggies - any thoughts on best amp?

Bought the Maggies last summer. Like them a lot, still having fun with positioning them. Have a Rogue 66 tube pre-amp (like tubes) and a SS 200 watt Acurus power amp. The amp's got enough power it seems to drive them but I haven't really experimented with any other amps. Thought about a tube amp. Looking for thoughts/comments or suggestions. Thanx
first of all there are many threads on this subject you should look for...

for a ss amp the Innersound ESL is a popular choice...
BTW - how do you like the Rogue 66? I liked it better than a 99 magnum - seems like it doesn't impose much on the music (a good thing).
Wyred 4 Sound.
The Maggies 1.6 will benefit from a moderately powerful amplifier with a high damping factor. In this arena I enjoy a couple of class D amplifiers that use the ICEpower 500 ASP module. Have a look at the Bel Canto Ref 500M for example. I have reviewed the 500M bigger brothers (1000M) for PFO last year, and the 500M are said to sound even sweeter than their more powerful brothers:
Another very nice amp with the same module is the Rowland Model 201 mono. Its performance gets even better once you power it through a Rowland PC-1 rectifier and conditioner. . . or you can use a PC-1 unit on each amp.

Have had 1.6 Maggies & Classe amps for 10 years. Very satisfied with performance and sound & plenty of juice with Classe amps that put out 150 @ 8ohms & 300 @ 4 ohms.Bought amps on the used market