That tube sound

Alright, you've worn me down. I can no longer ignore you tube advocates, so it's time to experiment. I'd like to hang on to my SS amps, but would appreciate any advice you can provide on tube preamps. I've checked prior threads, but wasn't able to draw any conclusions given my specific requirements.

I currently run a pair of Odyssey Statos mono blocks, an Arcam front end, Audes Blues speakers, Sonoran Plateau ICs, a pair of Velodyne HGS-10 subwoofers and Signal & Virtual Dynamics PCs. I also use a McCormack RLD-1, which I have absolutely NO problems with. And I listen to rock.

This preamp would need two pre outs, a remote and should cost less than $1500 new or used. Oh yea, and it must mate with the Odysseys. Any recommendations, general or specific, would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration.
I'll second the ARC. I finally wore down too. Won't be using a SS pre anytime in the near future. The difference will make you wonder why you waited so long.
You have a lot of good tube preamps to choose from! I think the ARCs and SFs are definitely something to look into.

I compared the BAT VK3i, Blue Circle BC21 and Eastern Electric Minimax tube preamps last summer. I mated some of them in varying combinations with the Pass Aleph 3, Blue Circle BC22 and BAT VK200 solid state amps, so you can see I'm certainly a tube pre/SS amp devotee.

I think you'll really enjoy a tube preamp matched to your Odyssey Statos.

Have fun!
without a doubt the VTL 2.5 is a killer I have had mine for about 2 yrs and its great, they priced it too cheap, its sonics are much more than the 1695 price tag, a true best buy in hi end audio
Skip the "tube pre-amp/SS amp" route. I did that from the early 80s until realizing I needed a tube amp. Finally bought one in late 80s, then finally got rid of pre-amp and went passive in 1997. Now use a Placette passive with AirTight 300B and will never go back to active. Last pre-amp I had was an $8,000.00 tube type that clouded and constricted the sound. By the way, it was a Class A Stereophile piece with universally superb reviews from at least 6 different mags/websites. Was no match for a properly designed and matched passive and tube amp.
What about the bass slam? Can a tube preamp truly match the bass slam of a ss preamp when using solid state amps?