That's what it's all about.............

Don't you just love it when you buy a CD from an unknown artist which turns out into a wonderful musical experience? It used to happen to me quite regularly, but not so often anymore during the last few years. Not as many good releases as there used to be I guess.

Yesterday I went to the nearest HMV store during my lunch hour to buy the latest offering from The White Stripes, Elephant. The band was totally unknown to me but I knew it had received a glorious review from a local reviewer whom I respect. So I decided to give it a try. When I got back to the office I decided to have a listen to the CD via my computer while I was working (nothing high-end here; it's a fairly simple PC with cheap plastic speakers to which I hook up a pair of cheap headphones). I just fell in love with that CD instantly!!! I must have listened to it at least five times yesterday (of course I played it on my main rig as soon as I got home). This band, or should I say duo, is a complete revelation to me. I don't know if my love affair with their Elephant CD will last (probably not if I keep listening to it five times a day!) but for the time being I'm having a wonderful musical experience.

And I'm now getting to the object of this thread (sorry for this lenghty intro). I'd like to have other White Stripes' fans opinion as to their previous releases. Are they as good/better/worse/different than their latest one? Which one should I go for?
That's how I usually grab my collection certainly basing on previous knowlege of the cool record labels, influencing and producing artists i.e. someone unknown before played with someone known and blasted an excellent album.
For example Freddy Studder played with Holger Czukay(from CAN) only once but I dared to grab his album because I saw there with him Rosko Gee(CAN) and Trilok Gurtu(famous indian tabla drummer).
Mark Nauseef intrigued me since he was recorded on CMP that I think I must have every single album of that record label(not too many produced there before it's bankrupted only probably 500-ish...).
One time I bought a Buddy Guy/Junior Wells cd--or at least that's who it was labled. What I ended up with was a Melvin Taylor CD. It took me years to figure out who it was! I think that the Evidence lable has since been a little better at quality control!