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Let's not forget. My negative review about the cd player was removed. This takes away the ability of other buyers to make an informed decision.
and starting a second thread to continue belly aching after people here tell you have no proper basis for complaining is bad form... 👎👎👎
Hold on guys...the forth is on its way
When you get ripped off for $1,000 you have a right to complain.
The player was fully functional, correct?
This guy made the same complaint in 2019:From the OP profile. Neg feedback on him as a buyer.This guy is a serial complainer!


Made a low offer on listing which was accepted. Unit listed as near mint for cosmetic and working condition. Buyer complained of cigarette smell after receiving the unit and wanted to return even though unit works and looks like new as listed. I was unaware of the odor or would have noted in the listing. However listed stated no returns and buyer forced the issue through PayPal. Buyers negative feedback indicates smoke damage which is an outright lie as there is no damage whatsoever. Unit could have been easily cleaned to remove odor which buyer was unwilling to do. Unreasonable to expect a used 12+ year old piece of equipment to not need cleaning of some sort.


Seller: ak****0 0 0.0%

on December 28, 2019 10:54am

i guess we should be happy old tom in new new jersey only has a keyboard and not a glock or ak...
OP explain the complaint from a seller on you and it’s the same story?

think you’re a serial abuser.
What is wrong with you tominnj? I have never seen someone open 43 threads on the same subject. Why don't you just enter your comments on the original thread?
This OP has a screw loose, 3 x threads all with the same title😵
Where is that 4th thread? I'm really disappointed.
I posted so many threads because this is my first time posting. And I don't have any previous experience doing this.
Just post back on the same one thread as I’m doing to you now, and ask the mods to remove the others.

I've asked the mods for you to remove the others

Cheers George
what was the Player review in question ? Brand/model ?
Happy Listening!
Without prejudice that the moderators on USAUDIOMART would never have removed your alleged negative feedback without a damn good friggin’ reason, why are you complaining here on AGON anyway?
That other audio site is trying to perpetuate a squeaky clean image. Other audiophiles have posted having the same problem as me with that web site. I'm not the only one.
And your lack of answering simple questions speaks volumes 
You have zero feedback on USAM, but it has two purchases listed for you on their website…. Unusual at a minimum.

I’ve been on USAM it’s older parent sister site, CAM, for 16 years and it is a generally very well-run forum every bit as good as AGON . It’s moderators are excellent “no-sh*t” and fair operators…full stop. Feedback doesn’t get removed capriciously and it’s invoked as a last resort when forum rules are contravened.

No, there is not a blanket cohort of “other” audiophiles having the same problem as you.
Let’s try one more time:
Did the CD player look as advertised?
Did the CD player function as advertised?
Did the seller state it came from a non smoking household?

By not answering these simple questions, we must go on the premise that your only stink was that it stunk.
And that stinks.
I buy nothing from these website because I don’t want trauma of deal with this kind of people. Go to dealer and negotiate like real man to man and tell what you want and you get it. You buy use pants? I don’t want someone else problems and kharma coming to my house no thank dealing with some these people like dealing with city bum.

You are without a doubt one of my favorite posters!
 The Carpathian..You can't smell cigarette smoke by looking at a picture. The seller made no mention of cigarette smoke in his ad. A piece of audio gear can be made of 24kt gold, but if it smells like cigarette smoke it's not worth one red cent to me.
That other audio site is trying to perpetuate a squeaky clean image. Other audiophiles have posted having the same problem as me with that web site. I'm not the only one

I see seller's on that site with negative feedback, so they must weed out the unreasonable negative feedback.
Tominnj, it’s clear cigarette smoke is unacceptable to you and a real point of contention. It appears you’ve had this same issue on previous purchases. With this being such a high priority for you in used equipment selection do you ever ask a seller if the piece of equipment you are interested in purchasing has ever been exposed to cigarette smoke? If not, why?
You no say this guy smoke like a 60’s waitress. That filthy habit and show nervous mind and now you probably make that guy smoke even more. He just sitting there like stupid deer waiting for negative feedback come up in his mail. What the guy name? I once date girl that smoke heavy but she real nice. I still feel that when I get near smoke but nasty habit.
I never knew that Audiomart had a forum section or an auction section. Thanks for pointing it out.

It seems like integrity by the seller doesn't matter anymore.
So, your sole reason for not wanting it was that it was stinky. Ok. Understandable.
But, that is the chance you take when buying used, especially when you made the deal knowing it was a no guarantee, no return deal.
arch2 makes a good point; if it’s that important to you, why didn’t you ask if it came from a smoke free environment?
Now, if you, prior to purchase asked the seller if it came from a smoke free home and he told you yes, then you would have a legitimate beef.
But you didn’t. So you don’t.
It seems like integrity by the seller doesn’t matter anymore.
How about buyer integrity?
Methinks there is more to the story than what is being told on these here pages.
Or what isn't being told...
I feel like on side of op a little with issue. Addict lie and guy that sold it addict to smoke. Some say not his fault he have disable but he know amp would not have sold if put “smoke like coal miner” on ad. Maybe the guy ashamed and need help. Invite him to conversation you have email tell him we help him.
No I did not ask the seller if the cd player smelled like cigarette smoke. He did not mention anything in his ad about cigarette smoke. I did not ask because I trust people, and I believe they will do the right thing. My stupidity. I got burned twice on that website with cd players that smelled like cigarette smoke. A piece of audio gear can be made of 24kt gold, but if it smells like cigarette smoke it's not worth one red cent to me.
You didn't ask because you trusted him to do what?
Did he lie to you in any way?
Was the player not as described?
Did it not look as described?
Did it not function as described?
Did you not understand you were buying it with a no return stipulation?
Did you know I learned to tie my shoes when I was three?
Did you know female killer whales experience menopause and some turtle species can breathe through their butt?
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I'll give you $250 if it's in the condition that you bought it. See now it's worth $250 to you. 

From a fellow Tom from NJ
tominnj, seeing as how you have had bad experiences with cigarette smoke and you’ve never asked about it before your previous purchases do you think it might be a good idea to start asking about that with future purchases? Or do you want to continue risking it? Not verifying the condition doesn’t make you stupid. What would be stupid is not learning a lesson from it.
You guy work out very well by use Socrates technique. I rather involve seller since we all feel like he still dishonest man hiding in shame of bad habit like smoke. It my hope that he cleanse self and become better audiophile and some day out “no smoke” on ad and that truth.this site bring tear of joy to me eye when thing go well and people learn. Op should apologize to seller and spend night listen to Pink Floyd to let go sadness. 
Yeah, what tubebuffer said, I think.
Once again, tubebuffer’s superior insight has hid the mail on the bed.
That poor seller is fighting a losing battle against addiction, which has spiraled to the point where he must sell his beloved stereo equipment to feed his insatiable smoking habit. One can only assume that once that is all sold off, it won’t be long before his lucky Earnest Hemingway man capris will be up for sale.
And all the OP can do is crab about a box that does not meet his olfactory specifications.
For shame OP. For shame...
You all are nuts! 🤪🤪🤪
real man only smoke filterless marlboro, no, even better, indonezian java kretek, right down to tip, while lift weights, while lookee azz on hot wife at healt klub - like hans and franz pumpin up .... yaaahhhh

but real man also never lie, tell truth always, even if truth damn ugly, unless of course he is damm weak azz addict wreek cig smoke and drop coke dust outta noze, drip drip dry powder snot - but u know trutt sometimes still hurtz

like the buyer just stoopid, soooo care smelly smelly cig smoke all over old cd spinner, but he no askee question, get what he deserve -- now he come here, stinky stinky all over a-gon so many treads, now we all hate the stink, you learn lesson now???

franz out
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Have to mind one’s P’s & Q’s
I did not ask the seller about cigarette smoke. Nor did he mention it. I trust that people will do the right thing.You can't judge a book by it's cover I guess.
The fact is you have negative feedback on 2 selling sites for the same issue 2 years apart.

Maybe you have a bad sniffer dude.
"Did you know I learned to tie my shoes when I was three?"

No, but isn't that 'precious' to know....thanks for sharing....;)

"Did you know female killer whales experience menopause...."

That may explain 'Moby Dick', but does indicate male bias of the era...

"... and some turtle species can breathe through their butt?"

...which does explain some comments posed on some individuals' behaviours; i.e., 'talking out ones' *ss', 'blow it out your *ss', 'shove it up your...'

Damn....I learn so much on AG that I'd never, Ever expected....😏
This is very strange to hear. I have bought used audio gear over the years, so many different pieces. Not one has had the smell of cigarette smoke or anything else. Have I just been lucky?

I guess I’ll know to ask from now on. I must say, however, that some of the funniest posts I’ve seen in a long time are on this thread, so thank you OP for that.
Oh my goodness @tubebuffer! LOL! Once I catch my breath, then @carpathian says….
“Once again, tubebuffer’s superior insight has hid the mail on the bed” 

Great stuff! 
(....note to self:  Sell not without disclaimer that said item '....may exhibit and/or exude exotic odors when brought to operational temperatures...' )
"...hid the mail on the bed."


('t go there, or anywhere nearby, no....) ;)