That old itch!

Happy Easter to the community!  When the Mark Levinson 33H monoblocks were fist introduced, I dreamed of owning a pair.  However, at that point, they were just “pie in the sky” as I could never have afforded them back then.  Fast forward approximately 23 years and I have a bit more disposable income.  Now, is were I am hoping for your advice.

I currently own a pair of PS Audio BHK 300 monoblocks feeding a pair of Martin Logan 11As.  And, I am very happy with the overall sound.  However, I can’t help but wonder what the speakers would sound like with a pair of Levinson monoblocks.  Would a pair of used 33Hs be better?  Sound reproduction and our perception of such is unique to each individual.  This I understand.  But, still wanted to query the community as to their thoughts.  Any advice would be most appreciated!

Thank you again and enjoy the holiday!  

Never have heard any Martin Logan I would own, even if gifted to me. You currently are running speakers that are restricting you in your selection of amps, limiting you to high power monsters. Rather than spend a small fortune trying to satisfy your fussy speakers why not get a pair of easy to drive Tekton Ulfberht or Moab? You will have all the same speed you love from your stats, plus wonderful bass, and all from speakers you can drive beautifully with just about any amp.  

Probably when all is said and done your system will look and sound much better, and yet instead of paying more for ML you will have money left over in your pocket.
Levinson makes a wonderful amp that will do a find job with your Martin Logans.  At this point, if you were to buy a pair of 33Hs, you are going to be buying a 20+ year old pair of amps that are likely going to needs some work.  Even with a complete refurbishing and shipping, that will probably come in less than a new pair of 536s.   

The 536s are the current mono-amp and they are very good.  I have heard them driving Ultimas and it is tough to critique them.  They are fundamentally a very sound amplifier that will do the job.  

ML is a brand I have always respected but personally have found it to be...unexciting.  Not sure if it is the looks or the sound or what, but it has never been a brand that I have wanted.  I feel the same way about Simaudio.  But it obviously is a brand you love and want.  

My guy tells me, if you want them, get them!  You are probably going to love them.  That being said, if your room will support it,  you might want to upgrade to a pair of 13As or 15As.  The bigger panels and bigger bass module may do more for you than upgrading your amps.  If your room is on the smallish side, ignore that completely.  

Full disclosure, I am a dealer but I have no relationship with Martin Logan or Mark Levinson.  Just trying to be helpful.