That Old Bedini Magic

I miss my Bedini 25/25. I can still hear it (in my mind of course). Has anyone ever compared it to a DNA .5 or DNA 1. Alternatively, has anyone found an amp that has that Bedini magic? IMO, the new Bedini's do not sound the same. Thanks for your comments!
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I had a well-maintained 25/25 that I used for years with QUAD 57s and 63s. Lots of candidates came and went until I did critical listening with a Pass Aleph 5, and found the Pass to best the Bedini in every significant area - detail, warmth, reality, focus, transparency, etc. - without giving up any of the magic. Therefore I would set your sights on at least trying one of the Alephs.
I had a Bedini 25/25 that I used on Quad 57's and that sounded great. I then happened to listen to the Quads using the Dyna ST70....the Dyna blew the Bedini away.