That cool rounded-edge CD Player...

A while back, I saw some adds for a silver-colored CD player which had rounded sides. I do not remeber the brand or type, nor what it costs. Can anyone help me out here?
Is it Timbre Technologies?
It could be the Musical Fidelity X-Ray which may no longer be distributed to the US.
I believe you are talking about the THOR audio it is completly circle, and extremly expensive.
Thanks for the replies all! Looked at what these people make, and found it. The player I was refering to is the Musical Fidelity X-Ray. is listed as the US outlet, but it is no longer on their website!! ARGH!! I just Emailed them to see if they can still get it. It just looks so cool! I want one!! Niels.
You're probably referring to the Oracle CDP. It has clear plastic/crystal (lucite?) columns with silver hardware and componentry. I thought it was a must have item, simply on aesthetics, until I saw the price tag...ouch!
Sounds like you figured it out. I did see a cool player at my dealer recently by Tag Mclaren, blue and silver, ronded sides, but from the top view, not front face. Man it looked cool. Sounded pretty darn nice too, but I couldn't stay so really did get to hear to much. I have never seen this advertised anywhere.
Well, AudioAdvisor does no longer have the Musical Fidelity X-Ray, can no longer get them either. No one else in the US can either, so they say.

And of course, it is not be found used on AudioGon or Ebay either... Aint that how it always goes!

So, I asked a family member to pick one up for me in Amsterdam, where they are still available. Should have it shortly.


Niels, I have MF X series amps and preamps and they do look pretty cool. The MF A3CD has same dac as X-Ray and was tweaked slightly to sound better.