Thanksgiving to THOMAS EDISON

From what I understand, this guy is largely responsible for our great hobby!! Invented the phonograph and the vacuum tube amplifier. Lightbulb?? So what. TOM - the first audiophile!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who devote their lives to our wonderful hobby!!!

I agree.

It often occurs to me that

* I could never fly again on an airplane
* Travel by horse and buggy
* Live with no indoor plumbing

But under no circumstances can I imagine life without electricity.

Cheers to Mr Edison.
Wasn't Edison pushing DC? Cheers to Mr. Westinghouse!
Yes, here's my 1905 Edison Phonograph that plays cylinder records....
"Wasn't Edison pushing DC? Cheers to Mr. Westinghouse!"

It was Nikola Tesla who promoted AC so strongly.
Nsgarch. Yes, Edison was a proponent of DC current. You would need a generator every 50 yards or so to keep the DC going. We have to thank Nikola Tesla for winning the current war and for the transmission of AC current.
Yes, I know Tesla was basically ACs creator, but wasn't it Westinghouse who won the AC/DC war in this country (against Edison) and made AC the standard here? I'm pretty sure that was the story. I'll double check later.
I never liked AC/DC very much but they had a lot of energy.
I once lived in Washington and my stereo would not play, then it dawned on me, Washington is DC.
Tesla made many contributions, yet goes widely unrecognized.
but wasn't it Westinghouse who won the AC/DC war in this country
AC/DShe. They'll win in the end.

People who hear them live say they are really a crack band.
How about Thanksgiving to Ben Franklin?
Doesn't matter to me. I'll just be thankful.