Thanksgiving: ......

What are you thankful for in audio terms this season?

This may seem silly but since music reproduced well in my home is such an important part of my life, I decided to chance it.

The Beatles Mono box set. This kind of set a new precident on how great analog can be enjoyed. (Even, in my case, listening to it with a stereo cartridge). To that end, I'm thankful that I'm here to experience this labor of love from the technicians envolved and all who contributed to this release.
Thanksgiving to my local audio dealer means: Thanks for Giving me all your money.
I'm thankful for my new Stax earspeakers setup (SR-009 and SR-007 Mk I headphones, KGSShv amp); it sounds amazing (better than Sennheiser Orpheus, HD800, Sony MDR-R10, AKG K-1000, etc) and has expanded my listening back into the digital world because it's hooked into my iMac. And also my NAD M51, which proves to me that sub-$2K DACs have *finally* started sounding like music.

I'm thankful that Apple's current EarPods sound 10x better than prior generation EarBuds. I use these for workouts and get great sound without having to risk expensive in-ears -- I used to own Shure SE 535, which I thought were hideously overpriced, not much better sounding than EarPods, and of course I lost them ($350 used price down the drain).

I'm thankful that my 2ch & vinyl setup is sounding just *so great* and has finally stabilized gear-wise over the last couple of years, notwithstanding a couple of hiccups for tube replacement and sorting out the phono stage choice this year.
I'm thankful when I get time to listen to my system.
I'm thankful for everything and that I am able to enjoy listening to music as a pastime.
That there is passion for the musical arts; in the creation, performance and re-creation of it!
So thankful that the enjoyment of music is such an integral part of my life. I could get along fine without movies or television ..... but please don't take away my music !
"I give thanks for my Spendor 1/2Es, for they reproduce mids like no other speaker. I give thanks, too, for my Quicksilver pre, which is reliable, simple, and wonderful sounding. And last, I give thanks for my First Watt M2, a Nelson Pass creation that rivals all the creatures of the Earth in terms of natural beauty and allows McCoy Tyner to play before me in my den. For these things, I do give thanks. Amen."
For the 10% over dealer cost sale at Audiolab. It was the real deal and now I am back into surround sound with a quality receiver for a relative small cost. My entire system which favors two channel is set. Movies or music smiles for miles.
Blessings to all.