Thanks to those who posted and advised...

Hi all! I first want to say thank you to all who responded to my original post and especially to Usblues for suggesting I talk to audioengr. I can't thank audioengr enough for his help and suggestions.

This is what i've come up with after listening to many amps over a short period of time. JC-1's in a word...awesome! I can't believe that after the break in period and audioengr's mods that they can sound even better. WOW! I tested Arcam, Anthem, Carver and Parasounds. Once i tested the JC-1's i knew that was what i was looking for.

Here is my goal for my system, please feel free to comment/advise/pickapart/help/whatever. I really appreciate all the comments good and bad. Here goes...

Amp - JC-1's(eventually with audioengr's mods)

Preamp - SAS(considering Krell KAV-280p, help on this one since i'll need one with assignable unity gain)

CD/DVD Transport - Sony DVP-s7700(with audioengr's mods, not concerned at this point with SACD)

DAC - P-3A Perpetual Technologies

Speakers - Paradigm studio 100 vs2(i just love these speakers)

Line conditioner - AudoLineSource RGPC-1200's conditioner/power distribution

AnalysisPlus interconnects and powercords

Well thats the shopping list so far, its not set in stone except for the JC-1's and Paradigms. Comments welcome. Thx so much again, Bob
Hi Nerd,
Suggest you eliminate the transport, DAC, and the Digital Cable connecting them, and get a modified Sony 999es or 9000es. Check out the forums here and you'll see that several people have done the same because of the increased performance of the one-box with mods. There are several reputable modifiers known here, as you probably know.
Good luck and good listening!