Thanks to Raul.

Just wanted to say thanks on all your feedback. It is appreciated.
I "definitely" second the sentiment!!Raul may be way passionate,but the intentions are always in the best of spirits....As in "very good"!!
AND he knows a thing or two about "music reproduction in the home"!!...btw,Raul..when you read this.....

"Relax,and enjoy the compliment"
Raul is the man. Helped me a lot with good advice.
Dear friends: Thank you for your kindness words all of you.
I can say the same for you.

As a fact all the people that participate on this forum give to all us very good feedback in too many different topics and at different knowledge levels.

My way of mind is to share my audio experiences with all of you, sometimes those experiences/information/statements are appreciated because goes according the audio priorities or needs of some people and other times the people disagree but I always try to help, of course that some times I'm wrong or make mistakes like any one else.

Beleive me it is a pleasure to post in this forum and through the years I not only enrich my audio experiences but learn many things/subjects or " remember/bring me again " from every one of you and when I say " every one of you " I mean not only from people with high know-how like:

Albert, Doug, Sirspeedy, Restock, Rushton, Gregadd, Stringree, Pryso, Ctm, Roger, Jfrech, Piedpier, Halcro, Downunder, Thomasheing, Kurt, larry, Clio, Johnyb, Viridian,Slipknotl, Uktel, Gmorris, Dgad, Stiltskin, Tom makris, Dgob, Gregm, Lewm, Eldartford, Dan, Spencer B, etc, etc, etc, ( too many to remember ),

but from new comers ( Rookies ) that have " fresh " experiences with audio items that are not the very topp high price ones but " normal " audio items that performs at very high level and where I learn many many things.

I always say that all of us have a critical responsability in this forum and that is: to share our honest experiences ( different point of view ) with every one to enrich our single knowledge to obtain the best quality performance ( near to the recording/music ) on our single audio system and that's all about: don't you think?

Thank to you again.

Regards and enjoy the music.
If you expect to learn, you need an open mind. So why are some folks so critical of suggestions to try vintage cartridges, moving magnet (or iron) designs, tonearms with removable headshells, headshells of varying mass or resonance, etc.?

Raul brings to the table an extensive experience with a large number of components, a passion for the joys of live music, a willingness to help with any honest question, and a true sincerity with his advice and comments. Too bad for those who refuse to admit there can be another viewpoint other than the currently favored "audio mantra". And not to suggest Raul only offers contrarian views, but from some comments I've read I think he is sometimes discounted as -- that guy that still uses MM cartridges. Such close-mindedness suggests those folks will not learn something from a gentleman who has much to teach.
Dear Pryso: +++++ " So why are some folks so critical of suggestions to try vintage cartridges, moving magnet (or iron) designs, tonearms with removable headshells, " +++++

Many times in our all today " work/live " happen that we are looking for an " answer " and we don't take in count that that answer we have just " in front of us/in our face ".

This is/was what happened to me about till my mind show me that there are some right answers to the same " question " where those answers could be the right ones at the same time but how to know which one is just " the answer ", well only trying/testing with an " open mind " like you say with out taking in count " myths/paradigms " on the subjects.

In the cartridge area/stage it is a very hard call to say ( everything the same ) which cartridge is a better one MC against other MC or against an MM cartridge, we know that are many parameters that make almost impossible to give us an answer about but the most critical one is/are our music sound reproduction priorities and this fact is the one that create a lot of controversies out there.

Anyway, I like MC and MM cartridges which one is better?: hard to say because overall the sound of the best ones are really right on target but sounds little different each other. At the end of the day I try to achieve the best of any cartridge and enjoy it, have I some preferences? yes I have it but are a very subjective ones.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I wanted to shoot for the top. So I bought the Clearaudio Goldfinger V.2-d. And the Aesthetix IO Signature with duel power supplies (I Guess you can say no more messing around).

Raul is a great source of information. His advice lead me to try MM cartridges, one of which I hope to hear this week which is my B&O MMC 2. Raul mentions this cartridge in his threads and it happened that I found one NIB in storage that I originally purchased for an RX-2 table (which I also found in storage). I just mounted it today using the Soundsmith adapter on my Micro Seiki MA-505. Unfortunately I broke an already flimsy headshell lead so I have to wait on a replacement before I finish setting everything up. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the suspension hasn't rendered the cartridge unusable as it sure looks like a low rider when it hits the LP.

LPGear happens to be in Henderson, NV about 20 minutes from Las Vegas. They have a Nagaoka MP-500 and AT150MLX that I'm going to look into as well based on Raul's recommendations. Should be a fun summer.
Dear Radrog: Good move, specially the Goldfinger!!! well the IO too: congratulations for that!

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul and I have had some good meaty discussions over the years. I may not have always agreed with him, however I have always learnt things from Raul and many other good folks here on audiogon.

Me I am going to take a leaf out of Raul's book and get a tonearm with detachable headshell and try some cheaper cartridges.

Raul, what are the Jelco arms like, especially this one - see link. I believe Jelco make the Ortofon arms??
Dear Downunder: It is curious that you ask for jelco because last week I heard an audio system where was mounted a Jelco tonearm along an Ortofon jubilee cartridge. That system was not a top priced one but a " modest " one and I have to say that sounds very good.

I know about Jelco for some years now and I owned an Audioquest tonearm that I don't have serious compliants about it. Jelco is an OEM supplier with very good quality control so I don't see any issue if you go for it.

Btw, I can't say if the new Ortofon tonearms were made by Jelco or if the Graham ones too, what I know is that Jelco made/make the ones for Audioquest, its own Jelco and the one that you named at the link.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I have learned one thing. I am using the Goldfinger on a 10" JMW. It just proves how important the cart is. The arm will not be upgraded in a long time (maybe never). I am getting anxious for the IO now.
Dear Clio09: I don't think that your B&O MMC2 suffer any damage, this cartridge likes to ride low. Btw, great cartridge performer and I think that you will be happy with.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Radrog: Well the cartridge is the " source " and seems to me ( for what you posted ) that your JMW is a very good match for the Goldfinger, I have to say you are lucky!!

Regards and enjoy the music.