Thanks to pARTicular

I've never been one for tweeks, but I just assembled a Novus Semi-Suspension rack replacing an older Salamander Archtype rack. The vocals seem more forward now and the rest of the system sounds great. I'd also like to thank Dan Hartman and Volkmar Drubbisch for all of their help and support from start to finish. The rack was supposed to be shipped ground and was delayed by Fed Ex, so the guys at particular paid the extra money to have the rack flown to me just to make sure I received it (actually before) promised. The rack looks great and is a perfect fit for my system. You can always add to their racks, so you never lose your initial investment. Check out their racks at Great customer service and follow up after the purchase. I wish all companies had the same ethics. Happy listening.
i'm a lucky guy. i keep my components on the floor, a top 1 and one half maple, using anti resonant devices under the maple.
Sorry, I meant Dave Hartman. I was thinking of the musician. Anyway, I'm very happy with the Novus Rack and the pARTicular company.