Thanks to John and his crew at Audio Connections

in Verona, NJ. They hosted a class act event yesterday with Richard Vandersteen. It was an awesome experience. Everyone was just gracious and we all had a fun time listening to the 5's and the 7's. It was all through Ayre gear, although the 7'd did run the AR ref pre with Ayre monoblocks. All AQ cableing. The front end on the 5's was the Ayre C5. It was an awesome time for us all. The best sound I've ever heard was from the 7's with the vinyl (not sure what he was using). I've heard most of the exotic's in their best settings and this was by far the most musical and listenable. I do wish that Richard's amps were ready and that we could have heard them, but hopefully in the near future that will happen.

I have become friends with John, who is into health and wellness as much, if not more than I am. He just gets it and wants everyone to enjoy their music. He's into that more than the gear, so that's really neat for me. Just a wonderful experience that I hope all of you get to enjoy at YOUR local (it's a 3 hour drive and worth it) brick and mortar shop.
I have enjoyed John's exceptional service many times. Treasure your brick and mortar places, for when the John's of this world are gone, they are gone.
Agreed! Audio Connection in Verona N.J with John, Nick, Greg and crew are first class all the way. The Vandersteen Seminar was great fun and a great hang for audiophiles/ music lovers. It's ALWAYS a great place to hang and talk audio, with great gear and a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. John Rutan loves music and audio as much as anyone and always wants to help.
I'll be there next Saturday for the Musical Surroundings Seminar which I'm sure will be another fun, informative event.There's not too many places like Johns around anymore so if you're near the area try and stop in or make an appointment, etc. You'll be glad you did.
Yes,it was a great gathering of Audiophiles and Music lovers. John and his crew put on their usual good time (special thanks to Samier - I hope that's spelled right - and Sam who saw to it that everyone was comfortable and happy). If you weren't there you missed out on one of the very special places in Audio.

PS John soldiered on though he had a broken arm. Even with one hand he's better then most!!
Audio Connection is a great dealer and John Rutan is a pleasure to deal with.
Guys, I wish I knew John's crew. I'm new to the store and live in CT, so I can't get down there all the time, but since I"m wanting Vandy Treo's, I had to get there. I still need to list all my gear that I'm selling off. John has two sets of my Proacs I'm selling off as he just reconditioned them etc.... Poor guy, broke his arm. He's a health guy and will recover quickly I'm sure.

Guys, I'm a bit shy and didn't really speak with too many folks. I was the one with the walking stick (I have MS). Next time you see me in the store, please come up and say hi and that you are on this board. Love meeting new folks. Thanks.
I too have had only great experiences with John at Audio Connection. I moved from NJ to Arizona and the only thing that I miss is John.
Funny. He has great follow up too. Wish I didn't have to miss today's Music Surroundings visit. Love those open houses.
Though I didn't attend the get together this year, I've made the event several times in the past. It's always a good time. As has been said, John is a great guy, with a fantastic store. I consider him a friend.
The Musical Surroundings Seminar was great at Audio Connection today. I couldn't stay long but had a great time while there. John and his crew are a rare breed indeed. Ctsooner, next time you're in, hopefully you can meet some of the "regulars" that are devotees of John Rutan. Really is a special place with fine sounding, tried and true brands including Vandersteen, Magnepan, Audio Research, Ayre, Aesthetix,Quicksilver, Bryston, Rogue,Cary, NAD,Basis,ProAc, VPI,B&W,Rega, etc. Can't remember them all even though I have quite a few myself. The staff there can really help you reach "Audio Nirvana" and you'll be very happy, but up all night listening to your system. And now, back to my Quicksilvers!!
Most do consider him a friend. I've ever heard anyone say a bad thing about him. Very very honest, which isn't always the case in audio.
LOL.....Its ironic as I was close to the owner of Ocean State Audio back in the day. I have three pair of Proacs I'm selling off and a Quickie full service pre and silver monos with a ton of top line MIT cabling. Even a Krell DAC, lol. John will help me out so I can take what I get and put it towards my Vandy Treo's. Hopefully I can get everything sold pretty quickly. I will be trying to get down there next week maybe even during the week. I have a cousin who lives in Verona which is kind of neat.
I'm not related to John but have to say he is a good guy. I bought a speaker from a client of his a few years back and he was eager to give advice and trouble shoot an issue for me. There wasn't even any money in it for him. A+++
Bjesien, I found the same thing. When I met him he took the time to help knowing full well that I was just kicking tires. He had no idea that I was about to sell all of my gear (three full systems of high end) and start over. There are still a few John's out there and they are scattered all over the country and we are lucky to have them. This is why I try and support my local (or at least within a 3 hour drive) stores.