Thanks to Audiogon and the Audiogon Community

Two years ago I discovered Audiogon and began my journey to update my stereo. Since then, I've assembled, and continue to refine a system that I find quite satisfying. The information provided in the threads, and the advice I've personally received has been invaluable.

More importantly, the sharing of music recommendations has opened my ears to artists I would otherwise never heard. This aspect of Audiogon has been especially gratifying.

So, thank you to all who contribute to this community! You make this a true destination on the web.
hello Tvad,i think you said it all!im going on 2 yrs in this hobby and would like to thank all audiogoners for sharing their love of music and gear!!
Tvad I agree with your comments and besides the helpful folk you find here, I appreciate the neighborly aura in general by most everyone here...

I cannot turn on a component, connect a cable, try a tweak, or pull any of my favorite CDs from the rack without
thinking about the source who recommended it. And all came from here at Audiogon.

Thank you to all!
"I love you guys!" Seriously though, a great bunch of people who love music. What could be better? Or is that a great bunch of people who love equipment? Or both? The head spins, keep it up.
I join in this thank you to the Audiogon community. I have learned much from so many who have taken the time to add to the conversation and to explore so many issues in greater depth: equipment, setup, maintenance and music. And the learning continues!
Count me in too !!!
What a great group of people! What a great service! A big thank you to the folks who run AudiogoN and to the folks who I learned so much from (and you know who you are).
What a great community.

To date I've had great success buying and selling gear here as well as getting "sound" advice. Where else can you buy a used interconnect or other piece of gear, test it in your system for a couple of months, then sell it for what you paid for it minus shipping, so you can finance the next piece of gear?

- Good advice
- Good opportunities for testing gear
- Good community.
I couldn't agree more, I love this place!

If it wasn't for Audiogon I wouldn't have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a hobby none of my friends can understand.

That or created such intersting and fun situations as the following...
ME - I'm going to a friend's house to listen to his new interconnects.
GIRLFRIEND - You're going to a GUY'S HOUSE to PLAY with stereos? Okaayy...

Thanks guys!
what did I used to do with all my time before discovering Audiogon? My entire system was sourced here couldn't have afforded it any other way. Thanks to everyone for their views and opinions I have received here.
Be thankful, but it is wise to not always take things at face value. Trust your instincts and your ears above all else.

I *live* on this site !!
I'm glad it's here and feel fortunate to be part of it.
Audiogon is a fantastic place to meet great people and build systems as well as gain knowledge . The Archives are priceless . It can be addicting but meeting great people like Grant here makes it multi dimensional. I am sure most everyone here is more than a little tired of snobby , know it all audio salesmen and this site offers a comfortable alternative .
Yea but TVAD then had to go and tell us about leopard skins and feet waxing... which was too funny.

My playlist certainly now includes music I'd of had no clue existed.
I also would like to buy a round....thanks,Bob
Great site - great format - great people
I have to add my "Thanks" to the list. It has been a really helpful and "newbie" friendly site.
You guys are all great...your welcome :)