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Good evening. I’m still new to Audiogon and have yet to make any deals here but in the future I won’t hesitate to strike a good one up. I took delivery of a package this afternoon instead of taking a long drive I went ahead and trusted someone from *****’s list and may of gotten burned. I’m not naive but the guy sounded honest and all that, and it was’t a large transaction. Any more and a red light would of went on. Seller said low mileage and works perfectly which appears to be true its a solid 10 for looks, so is remote (in fact its still in plastic). A 10 in looks but a big fat 0 in performance its malfunctioning. Maybe its just a sign to say I’m starting to have too many Marantz disc player’s already. They do seem to be becoming a bit of an audio video weakness for me.

I would not of started a new topic to give thanks more that I was itching to ask if someone might have a loose diagnosis for symptoms. It powers up seeming like business as usual it accepts the shiny little disc then makes some usual subtle internal sounds after it closes announcing its wakening to do some work. instead of going to work the sounds pause then it suddenly spits the CD back out. Ive tried a few different ones, production wise and burns. Same result it spits them all back out.
The only thing I can suggest is unplugging the player for a short time, plugging it back in and let it boot up for a minute or two before trying to play a disc.
It doesn’t have a transport screw in does it? Maybe on the bottom of the unit?

Also, maybe the seller left a CD inside the unit, (I actually did that once on a player I sold and another that I had purchased) and it has dislodged and is fouling the mechanism. Open up the unit to make sure.
I think the laser is burned out and that's why it is not reading the disc.  Like light bulbs they eventually do burn out.  I had to replace mine on a Meridian cdp once.
You got beat big time.If a person does not have 20 positive feedbacks or more do not buy from them!

Does it mean that some honest person starting fresh will never take off, going forward? I don't have 20 positive feedbacks. But my buyers are happy (read my latest feedback). It is unfortunate that there are dishonest sellers who do not completely disclose the unit's condition - both cosmetically and conditionally.
OP should contact seller and if that does not work, leave a negative feedback so that future buyers are aware of the seller. Of course, OP in this case OP has to bear the losses.
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Audiogon management, you need to respond to schubert's comment and clarify your position. Let's hope your response is more helpful than removing the posts. Give us something to believe in. Cheers,
if it was paypal transaction, than dispute and get yer money back.

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I have always wondered why so many Audiogon sellers had perfect feedback ratings. Now I know why. 

Now I wish I had never read this post. As a newcomer, I regularly scan what's available, pricing, etc. looking to educate myself so that I make a good deal and didn't have to worry about unscrupulous sellers. 

I think I liked audio better when I was ignorant.
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Guys, the OP didn't buy this from AudiogoN.  He bought it off of Craigslist, according to his post.
I once sold a pair of LSA Statements on here for $500 that I had rated a 5 due to some face checking on the cabs. The buyer contacted me after recieving them and complained that I misrepresented them in my ad and demanded I give him a partial refund or he would give me negative feed back. I was fairly new on here at the time so I gave him $100 back.

A few days later he relisted them for more than I was asking originally, used the photos from my ad and gave them a 5 rating just as I had. I started a thread about it (I did not mention the buyers name) and he had it removed. When I asked the moderators why they removed it they told me it was because the subject had nothing to do with audio. Bottom line is be very careful buying and selling on here or any other site for that matter.
In the day you could talk to moderators , now you can not in ANY way !
It is hard to tell a thief by telepathy without anything to go on like neg-feedback. 
Some would say its impossible .
I have earned every one of my 850+ 100% positive feedback here.  14 years and i make sure every buyer is happy. Of course that means I do Post honestly rate correctly and provide real information about the items i am selling.  Reading the content of feedback commentary is also very helpful.
I have a Marantz player that occasionally spits out discs when it's first powered up. In addition to the above suggestion to turn it off, wait a minute, and then turn it back on - here are some other things:

1. Close the drawer with the remote, and if it pops back out, use the button on the faceplate.

2. Push "Play" instead of Close on the remote. If that's what you were doing anyway, push Close first and then Play in rapid succession. 

3. Push the tray in with your hand (gently!) - about halfway in, the motor should take over and lock it in place

Once the disc stays in, the display should show the number of tracks, and the remaining time. 

These are tricks I use with the CD67 SE, which is an old model. Usually once you get it to work, it'll work fine from there out...until the next time. 
I dont see it as "getting burned" as I have done very well on 2nd ownership audio during the past year. Im on vacation ill try some of those suggestions when I return. Much appreciated.
I'm calling out this poster. He's new, has a weird problem, "low mileage"?........"on vacation and can't respond"? Sorry but this all sounds bogus to me. It's amazing what people will do on the internet.
I was simply not able to try any of the troubleshooting methods suggested above simply because I dont often bring my audio gear with me when I go away. Surely not stuff thats unusable, falconquest.  I felt my post was descriptive and that adding more detail was unnecessary. 

You also misquoted me so partial thanks go out for that bit too (sarcastic context).

My original thanks in there sincerity were for another purchaseing option, and a better one at that. 
To update it seems "ok" now. After unplugging it It was on for over a day before I had a chance to use it. Maybe it only does this when its cold. I've had intermittent things happen in the past that would only act up while cold, or after coming up to temperature or being placed to close to another heat source.