Thanks to all Texas Phile's who partied

Hey all,

I just wanted to thank all of you Texas Phile's out there who boogied down to Austin to party with myself, Brian DiFrank, and the Crumpmeister. Good beer, good whiskey, good cigars, and good tunes. Great sound at times, not so good sound others (damn, that Audiomat needs a wee bit more burn-in time, for sure). Once again, thanks to all who came! We'll be doing this again real soon, probably in late April or early May. Cheers!

Thanks again Brian, I had a great time. I'll see you again
at the next one!
Brian, sorry I did not attend. I was offered a job doing photography of our State Representative training at a sporting shotgun class in Sherman, TX.

Since I could not be in both places at once, and my 15 year old son got to train beside him (without the $750.00 fee), I had to go.

I plan to be at the next one with you guys.
Had a blast! Lots of great people and conversation, well
worth the drive from Houston, and looking forward to the next one. Thanks again, these get togethers put some zing back into this crazy hobby!
Take care,
Jerry, what was that Wavelength amp called as it worked just fine with those little Krix speakers? Yep, it was fun and think we need to set up a club like we did in San Antonio about twenty some odd years ago.....