Thanks to Agon members and Agon staff.........

In this world of buying, selling, auctions, internet dealing, stealing, and fraud, AGON and its members keep this site going. I love you man...........

It is easy to get caught up with all of the nightmares on EBAY, from non-payers that 'commit' to several fraudulent auctions. We even have auctions nowdays WARNING others of scams for particular products!

Here at the GON, rarely (I personally, never) see scams or have non paying buyers. Only a few "non-members" have left a bad taste in my mouth, but so rare.

I just wanted to thank the members of this site, as you are the ones that keep it going. The forums are wonderful and even though I have been here for about 6 years and have read (and probably posted) some of the same old generic topics we read every day:

Which cable is better?
Tube versus Solid State?
Which amp for my speakers?

we all still respond and help direct our opinions.

Thanks to all, keep it rolling despite some frustrating topics/issues that come up. After all, why would we participate if we didn't care?

I'll second this. Aside from some strange deletions of discussion threads, I have no complaints at all. Dave
I have to agree with both Porschecab and Dopogue - this is a great place to lose track of reality for a few moments on a relatively victimless site, but I am also finding the disappearing threads of late more than a little disconcerting.
I have corresponded with a lot of nice people, met a couple of good friends, admired some for their efforts, and met a couple of dolts - not a bad average.
The scruples of the people I have done deals with here have all been first class.
I would also like to thank the staff at Audiogon for such a nice site for us audiophiles . I also have to say thanks to the people who have done deals with Me all great people. I have gained wisdom from some been entertained by others and have laughed at others all good fun. Thank You all
I agree.Thanks also
i also love the audiogon gang. i have had several members contact me on their own to help with my system and being a relative newbie appreciate their efforts. i've also been contacted by audiogon to help with my email problems all unsolicited. i'm sure that my system would not be anywhere near as satisfying w/o this site and the wonderful members. special thanks to maxgain, bigtee, sdcambell, rushton, and jayctoy for the assistance they have provided as well as the grcious audiogon staff.

mahalo and aloha

I got scamed by slappy, it was the best five minutes of my day! :o
You guys are right,I build a great system on Audiogon.
Nice deals,great advice,a lot of archived information to search,great laughs at times.I AM HOOKED.
Kudos to all of you fellow 'goners. May all your ears continue to be blessed with all flavors of excellent music and may our fellowhship continue to grow.
Have had nothing but very positive dealings with sellers and inmates here.....great place, good people. Some very helpful sellers and dealers here....Have learned a lot too. Especially enjoy the good sense of humor on the site.
My Thanks are extended as well. I consider myself seriously challenged by anything electronic, and I am a little odd and bit slow to boot. If I were not so selfish I would have thought not to impose myself on the nice members of audiogon. But I have, and I am always amazed at how generous people here have been given the questions i have asked and statements I have made. I feel i have been allowed to hang about inspite of contributing little of substance, and it has allowed me to learn about aspects of audio I had not considered before. I am extremely appreciative of that. I think that the collective mind of audiogon is a treasure for those who are experienced and inexperienced, offering much useful information. I am thankful to both the audiogon staff and members for making it available.
Classy thread, Dan. Thank you for initiating it!