Thanks Jim Hall

For interpreting the Rodrigo Concerto due Aranjuez and a myriad of other great recordings and performances.
Yes, he will be missed by many...excellent guitarist!
Jim did so much skillfull, creative playing and improvisation. Among others I like an easy listening album he did with Paul Desmond.
While one of the 'greats' has left us, his music will live forever. RIP
"Jim Hall Live" is my favorite jazz guitar combo recording ever. He left us so much great music--it hurts to see him go.
Sad news, His album "Concierto" was one of my first jazz albums. I still listen to it and love it. 83 years is a very good run on this planet. RIP
His "Hallmarks" double cd compilation is fantastic to listen to. I love listening to him. Thanks for all the music.