Thanks for the music Etta....

Etta James 1938-2012
I have and will continue to enjoy the wonderful music she has left us with.
Had the pleasure of meeting and talking to her a couple of times in the 80s.When people say " Keepin' it real " they're talking about this gal.
I also met her once in New York, small gig. Terrific lady...Tuesday, Johnny Otis also died--bandleader, talent scout, man-about-music--and who also shared songwriting credit on Etta's first hit, "Roll With Me Henry" (or "The Wallflower")...We seem to lose more Greats these days than watch them come alive...They will be missed...
A real loss. "Love's Been Rough on Me" is one of my favorite recordings of all time.
Angels have a new voice in heaven.
“At Last” Etta is with her maker.
She went un-noticed for years and then a lot of people heard that great voice because of a t.v. advert sound track - amazing revival, which I'm sure she enjoyed.
Glad to say that I still have some of her early 78's.
"Roll With Me Henry" was the reply to "Work With Me Annie".